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Things You Did Not Know About Women

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:41 pm

1.Thumbs Down on the Three Day Rule

When you take our number phone us back ASAP. Mature women don't have the energy not inclination to wait out the three day rule. We like that you are keen, but there is a fine line between that and seeming to be desperate.


We want to know that you look as good in a tux as you do in outdoor clothes. We absolutely love to see you all dressed up and looking suave and sophisticated, so go ahead and do it.

3.Dirty Girls

We love you to talk dirty in bed. The only thing that we ask for is that you are at least creative as we are fed up answering you about who our daddy is. Originality will get you extra bonus points.

4.Just Do it Dammit!

Quit asking us if we want dessert. We always want dessert just order it for us rather than constantly going through this game of cat and mouse you cruel, cruel man!

5.Sensual Dancing

We can tell how good or bad you are in bed, by the way you dance. Or don't dance even! If you are not a Maori and you dance like this, then perhaps just give up.

6.Making a Boob Out of Things

Just because you play with our boobs doesn't mean its turning us on. Our whole body is an erogenous zone and your homing in on the boob sometimes makes us want to slap you instead.

7.Nails Signal The End

All women notice your hands. They notice what they look like, how clean they are and if your nails are cut. If your nails are longer than ours take a hike as we just absolutely hate that on a guy unless he is a drag queen.



We also hate scheduled sex and prefer it to be when we are just simply 'horny'! Do both yourself and us a favor and be a bit more spontaneous when it comes to the more intimate moments.

9.Ball Bags and Anger Issues

A lot of anger centers around Brazilian waxes and landing strips. We spend hours in pain being waxed or even huge amounts of time shaping our pubes and other hair areas. At least shave your ball bag and trim your nose hairs.

Loading... Lovers

Loads of women love porn. They particularly enjoy lesbian porn as they feel it is more sensual and about the woman whereas the other stuff is more male orientated.

11.Threesome Politics

We don't like it when you turn down a threesome because you 'love us too much'. We'd rather you turn it down because we are so much hotter than her that you couldn't be bothered!


12.No Matter Who You Are!

Maybe you don't know this but we are always flattered when you hit on us. Even if we turn you down. It just gives our self-esteem a bit of a boost as we are often quite hard on ourselves.

13.Punch Bag

Given half the chance women would rather do boxing than yoga! Plus, most women hate pilates! We would love to take all of our frustration out like that.


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