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Things You Didn't Know About Eminem

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 4:48 pm


When he first made it big he actually bought a house, but then had to sell it almost immediately as people found out where he was staying and would just randomly pull into his driveway and swim in his pool. Now he lives in a bit more security, so there is no chance of you being able to do that now.

2.Boogie Nights

When he was suffering from his addiction issues he got into the habit of watching the movie Boogie Nights. He believes that he has seen it at least 150 times now, but most of them was when he was high, so perhaps he does not have that many memories of what was actually going on in the movie.


He hates the album Encore because it brings back bad memories of when he was really starting to lose things due to his addiction to prescription drugs that resulted in him having to go to rehab to kick the habit. For Eminem this album was all about when he was getting high, so he simply ignores it now as much as he possibly can.


After he produced the song 'Brain Damage' the bully it was about tried to sue Eminem saying it had damaged his reputation and harmed his ability to even work. There is certainly a bit of irony in him doing that considering he spent his time at school bullying Eminem in the first place.


He was badly bullied as a child and indeed his mother tried to sue his school for not protecting him from one bully in particular. If you listen to the song called 'Brain Damage' then it is actually all about the bully and what went on when he was at school.

6.9th grade

Eminem failed ninth grade on three different occasions before he finally decided he was just going to drop out. It obviously did not have a negative effect on his ability to write music considering the success that he then went on and had in his career.


If you love his music, then do not turn up at his house to tell him because he has claimed to have pulled a gun on fans that did just that. If you like him, then leave a comment on Youtube or somewhere else that it is safe in order to avoid you meeting him in a way that is certainly not going to be pleasant for you and it will certainly taint your memory of him.



Once as a teenager he had somebody shooting at him as he tried to get to Kim and her house. Luckily enough they were a bad shot and missed or the music industry would have looked completely different to how it does today.


The original title for the Marshall Mathers LP was actually Amsterdam and for very good reasons. First, he actually wrote a huge chunk of the album there and secondly different Dutch people inspired him when he was staying there, so it made sense to initially give it that title even though it was changed later on.


10.Trailer home

He was actually paying off his trailer home when he saw that his very first album was actually hitting the shelves. Of course he then made more than enough money to move into a huge house and not just the trailer home he had been hoping to stay in.

11.Beastie Boys

Eminem decided that rapping was the career for him after listening to the Beastie Boys. He saw them as being inspirational and that it was possible to be in the industry even if you were white, but of course he didn't know he would end up being far more successful than the people he wished to emulate.



The character Slim Shady was actually a moment of genius on the toilet. Yes, Eminem was sitting on the throne when it all came to him in an instant. After he had finished doing what he had to do he then started calling everybody he knew to tell them about it.


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