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Things You Should Stop Doing In 2014

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:35 pm

1.Living in fear

Why are you living in fear all of the time? What is actually the worst thing that could happen? Stop worrying about every single thing that you do and try to go with the flow. You will find that your life is going to be a lot smoother as a result and how good is that going to be?

2.Blaming people

There is no reason for you to constantly blame people for everything that goes wrong because in all honesty that is going to get you absolutely nowhere. Instead, accept blame for some of your actions and realize that at times mistakes and things going wrong just cannot be helped.

3.Quoting the new Anchorman movie

OK so this was cool and funny with the original movie, but do yourself a favor and stop quoting things whether it is from the new movie or the old one. This is outdated and people are just going to look at you in a funny way and clearly this is not something that you want to happen.

4.Sticking your tongue out

Just because Miley Cyrus does it all of the time does not mean that you have to do it yourself. It just looks strange, rude, and as if you have something wrong with you, so keep it in your mouth at all times to stop yourself from just looking plain silly.


This is something that should never have been that big anyway, but 2014 is certainly not going to be the year of the twerk. Keep your butt under control and you will be a whole lot happier in the process.

6.The Harlem Shake

Look this was a cool thing to do in 2013, but the craze has now gone, so do yourself a big favor and stop doing it. This is no longer funny, the world has moved on and anybody still doing it ends up looking an absolute idiot.


This is something that a lot of people vow they will stop doing in the new year and the reasons as to why it is a good idea are clear for all to see. Get some help and improve your health in the process.


8.Trying to do too much

If you believe in the art of multi-tasking, then you may be surprised to hear that the chances are you are making less progress than you think. Give up trying to do this and instead focus on individual tasks and finish them before moving onto anything else. You will find that you tend to get on a lot better as a result.

9.Giving up

Quite simply you need to stop just giving up so easily in 2014 because how else are you going to make any progress during 2014 if you just quit all of the time? Look at the reasons as to why you simply give up and make the appropriate changes and your life will improve as a result.


10.Living in the past

It is a new year and that should mean new beginnings, so stop living in the past and thinking about what could have been different because you are better to look to the future and see where you are at this moment in time. By living in the past you will be unable to make the changes that you need to do in 2014.


This is a terrible disease and it is the reason why you get to the end of the year and feel as if you have not got anywhere over the last 12 months. Take it into your head to just act on something and go ahead and do it rather than putting it off all of the time.


12.Eating bad food

Do yourself a favor and stop eating all of that junk food. You may think that it is cheaper and easier to deal with, but you are simply storing up a lot of trouble in the future and who knows what your health will be like by the time you get to the end of 2014.


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