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Tips To Build Your Confidence

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 3:34 pm

1.You are Never Stuck!

If you feel stuck, realize that this is not forever and that you will rise again. Do not let people take away your happiness, freedom or dreams. Stay away from people who do not support your needs or dreams, they do not have your interests at heart.

2.Do Things You Love

Make time for the things you love. Make space in your life for your talents and what you are good at. These remind us who we are and what we can do well.

3.Find a Mentor

Do you know someone you'd like to be like? Someone you admire and look up to? Then use that person as your role model. Emulate all they do. If it worked for them it will work for you!

4.Words as Tonics

Use words as secret tools. Did you know that the words you say can create not only physiological changes in your body but also can change your circumstances? Words like 'I am so down', 'I am so overwhelmed', literally tell your body how to behave. They also tell whoever is listening that you feel depressed and filled with despair. Use words as medicine. Say out loud 'I am so strong', capable, eager, successful. See! You feel better already.

5.Walk Like Jagger

Be aware of how you walk, talk and put yourself across in general. Do you walk with confidence? Head up, shoulders back and even strides. Or do you scurry and look fearful? These types of actions sends messages to people both on a conscious and unconscious level. Also notice the tone and pace of your talking voice. You might need to make changes. A high tone indicates a fearful person for example.

6.Give Yourself a Kiss!

Every time you pass a mirror give yourself a kiss! This might seem silly at first, but keep on doing it. You will be surprised at the results. You can even just blow yourself a kiss and smile.

7.Look Great!

Looking good makes you feel good. Whatever that means to you just go ahead and do it. If you want to lose weight, change your diet and start to exercise. If you want a make-over go and get one. Clean hair, white teeth and fresh breath all count. Confidence can start from the outside in.


8.Act Yourself Into Who You Want To Be

You can be whoever you want to be. Before that happens you can act your way into that role. If you see yourself as positive, strong and determined start being that person now! Don't wait for tomorrow, don't hesitate. Those that do have already failed.

9.Hypnotize Yourself!

Find sayings or ideas and concepts that are meaningful to you and then make them your mantra. Say them several times a day. Also, you can say them on waking and before sleeping. So that they become a part of who you are.


10.Award Yourself

Keep an achievements journal. Or if you want to, you can even make yourself little trophies for the bigger things you feel that you have achieved. Then award yourself! People love hearing happy stories so share your successes with others who will appreciate them.

11.Realize That You Are Not The Centre of The Universe

Learn not to personalize everything. People might seem like they are angry with you or looking at you in a strange way, but perhaps something happened that day to make them like that. You, are not the centre of the universe! Thank goodness!


12.Take A Dare

Dare yourself! Try things you would not normally. Go out alone, have a conversation with a stranger, climb a mountain, write a book. All these little things help build a more confident you. Don't have limitations!


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