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Transformation Photos Of The Fattest Man In The World

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:27 pm

1.Before & after

This shows how much he has achieved when you see a classic before and after shot. He is barely the same guy, but you can also see why it took so long for him to lose the weight and that it has been a very difficult journey for him, but what an achievement.

2.Working out

At one point the could not have made it onto these machines because quite simply they would just break under him. OK he may not be able to do too much at one time, but considering he used to be housebound he has done exceptionally well to get to this point.


He also found love online and at this point the had lost a staggering 48 stone in weight, which is 672 pounds, so his life was starting to move along quite well in a number of areas. Surely he could never have imagined doing so well when he was almost 1000 pounds?


This once massive guy is now looking at other things he can do with his life and making jewelry is one thing he is working on. You can only imagine how difficult it would have been to do this when he was at his fattest and indeed it was probably impossible, which shows how far he has come on.


You can see a real difference in him here as his face in particular is not as puffy as it once was and his chest is also vastly reduced as well. It is actually quite deceptive when you see the skin hanging like this, but it does push across the idea of how much weight he has lost.


He actually spent $48,000 to have an operation to reduce his eating capacity and you can see how it did indeed make a huge difference to him. That is part of the massive sum of money that has been spent trying to get him back down to some kind of a normal weight.

7.His body

OK so this may not look that nice, but it shows the weight he has lost even though you are now just able to see the excess skin. It does let you see that he has managed to achieve a lot because of the way the skin sits so this really does show his transformation.



This picture shows the difference in his arms because all of that loose skin never used to be like that, but instead it was fat. Now, he has a lot of spare skin hanging around thanks to the weight that he has lost and you see a difference elsewhere in his body.


At this point he was then able to walk and of course this then helped him to lose more weight and get a bit healthier at the same time. His weight was still around the 30 stone mark, but just being able to move certainly made a major difference in so many ways.


10.30 stone less

This is the same guy after shedding more than half of his weight as he now weighs 30 stone, which is 420 pounds, and you have to admit that he has done exceptionally well here. However, it has cost over $1.6 million over the course of 15 years to get him to this point.

11.His task

His task was simple. He wanted to change this body and lose as much as possible, but in a controlled way, in order to regain some health. When you have this as your starting point, then any improvement is going to be welcomed.

12.Starting point

This guy at this moment in time weighed 70 stone, which is 980 pounds. As you can imagine that is a huge amount and you can see why he was stuck in this chair and unable to do anything. He really was the fattest man in the world, but then it would be very difficult to be bigger than him.


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