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Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 10:56 pm

Are you planning to go on vacation, or have a short trip to the nearest city? Get smart, and make your trip as simple as possible with our brilliant 15 DIY travel hacks. From rolling up dresses to making toothpaste chewies, we show you a ton of tricks.
7.Mark Your Baggage Fragile

Never let airport staff or other guys mishandle your baggage. Just stick a ‘Fragile’ sticker on it to prevent mishandling. This technique will also make your baggage arrive faster to the baggage claim area.

Mark Your Baggage Fragile-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

8.Ditch Room Service, Order Food Online

Have you ever wondered why food in hotels costs are incredibly high? Next time you are in a hotel, forget room service and just order food online from nearby restaurants. This not only helps you save some money, but also lets you enjoy the local tastes that you normally will not find in the hotel.

Ditch Room Service, Order Food Online-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

9.Use ATMs over Currency Exchange Centers

You can actually withdraw cash in local currency from ATMs in foreign countries. This little known hack will help you save money you would be spending at currency exchange centers as exchange fees. Do not forget to inquire with your bank whether or not your card is supported. 

Use ATMs over Currency Exchange Centers-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

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