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Unbelievable Facts About Coffee

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:09 pm


In 2011, scientists and engineers in the UK managed to power a vehicle using nothing else but coffee. This has led to hopes that we could manage to turn it into a fuel on a larger scale and of course it just means we need to grow more of it, so is the future of coffee as the main fuel for us to get around?

2.The word

The word for coffee actually comes from Arabic and in particular from the phrase "qahhwat al-bun". This translates roughly as wine of the bean, but we use that word as it was the Arab world that really did turn this drink into what it is today by spreading it throughout the ancient world.


It will be no surprise to find out that coffee is a major commodity and indeed if there was a league table of the most common thing traded it would come in at number two. The only thing that beats it is oil, so that gives you an idea as to how big it is and you can imagine the amount of money that is spent on a daily basis in this market.

4.New York

When it comes to actual coffee consumption, then nobody can beat the city of New York. The people here drink up to seven times the amount of coffee compared to elsewhere, so you do wonder if that may contribute to it being seen as the city that never sleeps because how can you with all of that caffeine?


The Americano is a popular coffee drink, but do you know how it got its name? This was due to American soldiers in WW2 asking for an espresso with water in it as it was too strong, so it became known as an Americano due to the Italian language resulting in the popular drink today.


There are actually just two main types of coffee beans with the other things you have heard about coming from within these two types. Their names are Arabica and Robusta and both have different tastes and have to be looked after in different ways. Robusta also has a higher caffeine content, so use that for the sudden shot.


In order to drink enough coffee at the one time for the caffeine to be fatal it would involve you drinking 100 cups. However, some people have had an overdose, but they have put the caffeine into their body in other ways and methods that are certainly not recommended in any way, shape, or form.



When it comes to coffee production no country can touch Brazil with the quantity. They produce more than double the amount that is produced by both Vietnam and Colombia with them being the second and third biggest growers. This is a huge amount and it plays a major role in the Brazilian economy.


Espresso is deceptive because people think you are getting a strong shot of coffee and it is more potent than other drinks, but in actual fact it has only one third of the coffee due to the sheer size of the cup. It does mean that you need to drink more in order to get a powerful hit.



An old law in Turkey stated that if a man did not present his wife with coffee on the wedding day, then it was automatically grounds for them to be divorced as a result. This custom is now ignored, but imagine being divorced due to something as simple as no coffee.


Hawaii is the only part of the US that grows coffee on a commercial basis and this is a surprise as you would have thought that there would be a number of other states that would be perfect for it? However, only Hawaii actually does it and they also have some of the best coffee in the world as well.


12.It's a fruit

You may find this hard to believe, but technically you are having a fruit drink every single time that you drink a coffee. The reason for this is that the coffee bean is classed as being a fruit and this is a fact that is often overlooked by us as we wait to get our caffeine shot in the morning.


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