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Unusual Cat Breeds

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:42 pm

1.The Maine Coon

You might be intimidated by this rather gigantic ball of long fur. Don't be! The Main Coon is well known for it's loving personality and gentle ways! The only thing to remember is that this is one big cat.

2.The Manx

The short little tail often shows that this is a Manx cat. They have pliable spines which can at times cause them to hop or jump much like a little rabbit. Coupled with the short tail this can also highlight this idea. Manx cats are favoured by farmers who have rodent problems!

3.Elf Cat

This little chap is a result of a new breed as a result of mixing the American Curl cat and the familiar Sphynx cat. It is hairless like a Sphynx but has amazing elf like ears. They are said to loving and intelligent.

4.La Perm

It might be easy to spot why this cat has been given its name. Their hair often forms ringlets, curls and waves! One of the fun things to know about these cats is they are often born bald and are called ugly ducklings. They soon sprout hair and become quite beautiful!

5.The Savannah Cat

You'd be forgiven for thinking this domestic cat was a wild animal. In fact it is a hybrid of domestic cat and the wild African animal known as a Serval. They are much larger than regular cats and have recently won the award as tallest domestic cat. They think more like dogs and even enjoy a shower with their owner!

6.The Peter-bald

Not always bald the Peter-bald cat is unusual indeed. With his huge almond eyes and webbed feet. He uses them best to grasp objects like opening door handles and clasps. They feel sticky and moist when picked up! Their most charming feature is their intelligence and devoted natures.

7.The Munchkin

Even its name is enough to make you say 'Ah!'. Not all people were happy to see this breed arrive in 1994. In fact, some vets resigned from cat shows in disgust. They have been bred with extra short legs, so their bodies appear larger and fluffier. There are of course, many inherent issues with short legged animals.


8.The Exotic Short Hair

Another super cute cat and also deemed unusual is the Exotic Short Hair. A member of the Persian family the only difference is that this cats hair is very dense but very short. With its tiny ears and flattened face it looks a little like a Teddy Bear.

9.The Scottish Fold

As far as cats go this could arguably be one of the 'cutest' looking. With tiny ears caused by lack of ear cartridge and massive eyes these cats have an owl like appearance which is rather captivating.


10.The Cornish Rex

They are distinctive by their rather unusual wavy hair, which is in fact an undercoat of down. The Cornish Rex has two layers of fur. They are also very elegant and with their extra long legs and slim body can be seen as quite beautiful. This is offset with their pointy ears and rather doe like eyes.

11.The Ukrainian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy might seem very similar to the Sphynx and in terms of lack of fur it is. However, their discerning features include slanted eyes and bent over ears. Some might love this breed due to its lack of allergy producing fur.


12.The Sphynx Cat

Completely bald this cat might not be everyone's cup of tea. Either way they are one of the most bizarre breeds out there, with their huge pointed ears and hypnotic eyes.


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