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WTF Clothes

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 9:00 am

1.Nippy in Here

These days belt are very creative, which is all good, except when you get certain things caught in the zip, or the buckle. Even looking at this belt could make people cringe.

2.Big Mac's Maintenance Pants?

Okay? These trousers are highlighting the male rump, right? Okay, maybe not. Unless you work for McDonald's as a maintenance guy leave these out.

3.Too Much

Sometimes she gets confused and takes her jumper for a walk and slings her dog on her back. You need to be as brave as a lion to wear this in the first place.


There is something creepy about these under-jocks. They look kind of like a sad rendition of the school jock gone tranny.

5.Here We Go Again!

The public has finally got women to stop wearing their thongs hanging out of their pants, then some dumb ass designer designs a pair of jeans with a thong out of their pants. This is so not working!


Women and their shoes hey! These might be more handy if the round balls where in fact wheels that way she could get you a beer quicker. Okay! Just joking.


Either wear shoes or wear none, but to wear no-shoes, type shoes gets confusing. Wearing these could lead people to thinking you are a robot or some other strange object.



This thong looks painful in many ways. You could get really vicious and lift her up from behind. The mind boggles.

9.No Way!

Dude! Where would you wear these? You could probably get away with wearing this lot if you were a cat-burglar. Light on the feet, soundless and definitely creepy.



These clingy skin like trousers are ruder than naked backsides. At least at the beach you understand it is a half naked backside. Here, in the city you are confused, which could lead to staring and then walking out into traffic.

11.Clever Tactics

Some belts definitely come in handy. How about the beer bottle belt? Problem is it could get heavy so buy it for her, for her birthday!


12.Probably Not

Fish flip-flops, specially designed to lower the impact of man made products on mother earth. Problem is, if you forget them at the beach you could be pretty screwed. They might even be found floating in a rock pool at the end of a fishing line.


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