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Wackiest Internet Inspired Tattoos

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 1:18 pm

1.Thumbs up

This is both strange and clever in equal measure because where else would you put a small tattoo of a thumbs up but on your own thumb? That must have hurt, but at least if asked how it went they no longer have to say anything.

2.Search history

OK so this guy sold space on his body for advertising, but it just looks like he has their names on there to remind him of the websites that he checks out. Gone are the days of bookmarking and welcome the days of the facemarking.

3.Just why?

At what point do you look at that big space on your forehead and think it is ideal for the logo of a social media network? This is of course for LinkedIn, but it has to be the most insane place to ever have it tattooed on your body.

4.Facebook friends

This girl actually went ahead and had all of her Facebook friends tattooed onto her arm. How crazy is that? It's a good job she did not have the full 5000 or boy she would need to get her arms made longer before they could even begin.

5.The sloth

The sloth is kind of a running joke on the Internet, so there is a fair chance you will have no idea what is going on here or understand how an animal can be included in an Internet inspired tattoo. Do yourself a favor and go do some research and it will all become clear.

6.Grumpy cat

This grumpy cat has appeared in a number of different images and jokes online and it is simply because of the look on its face. It just looks so fed up, but at the same time it is cool to see him being drawn in a tattoo as his fame should spread far and wide.

7.We love faces

If you look at various images online, especially memes, then you will see these guys popping up all over the place. They are ideal for joke tattoos, but this person has decided to really go for it with these feet tattoos that are perfect for geeks.



Anybody that has explored the Internet will know where this tattoo is coming from because it is linked to a meme that is used to show absolute sheer frustration in a person. It is quite a funny tattoo to get, but boy have they went for the large version here.

9.Just so wrong

Well you have to say that this tattoo is wrong on so many levels that it is no longer worth laughing about it. Yes you may at first think that it is creative and will put a smile on your face, but what about the person that has it when they are in their 60's and they are walking around with this on them?


10.Powered by idiocy

There seems to be a number of people out there that have decided to get Google tattooed on their body and you have to wonder why. There has to be some reason behind a tattoo and you will struggle to work this out without asking the people directly.

11.Bad space

Well surely this guy is going to look at this tattoo with a lot of regret in the future if they do not already regret getting it. You can see his pride in this image, but what happened when Myspace basically collapsed?


12.Like them or hate the tattoo

This on one level is a clever tattoo, but on the other hand it is also rather wacky in that they have taken something from Facebook and twisted it around for their tattoo. They clearly do not care what anybody thinks about them either.


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