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Ways To Trick Your Brain

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 5:02 pm

1.Clearing your mind

Our brain is often full of information and it is going crazy trying to process everything that it has absorbed during the day. However, we can trick it into going all calm due to doing things such as meditating. We do have the ability to slow the pace down and just remove all of those thoughts allowing us to relax for once in our life.

2.Getting more energy

If you are feeling tired and struggling to do anything, put all of those last bits of energy into going for a short walk. For some reason this will then trick your brain into thinking you have more energy and it will help wake you up again although obviously at times it is simply because you do indeed have no energy.

3.Feeling less hungry

If you are on a diet, then one thing you can consider doing is actually just smelling the food because it has been shown that by doing this your brain can release certain hormones that will then suppress your appetite. However, this does only work at times because clearly there will be occasions where the need to eat is greater than the smell.


If you get a two-dimensional image that moves back and forth, then some people will see it spinning clockwise, but then it will start to spin anti-clockwise for no apparent reason. You can see how this will freak you out a bit, so do look at examples and see what happens for you as it does not work for everybody.

5.Photoreception confusion

This is when you stare at an image for a certain period of time, such as this one, then look away and you see it in color, or with more detail than it actually has. The reason as to why this happens is that certain parts of the eye become fatigued and it starts to trick our brain, so take a look and see what happens.

6.Phantom sensations

This is something you cannot really try out yourself because it is more to do with feeling different sensations after a limb has been amputated. For some reason our brain can, at times, think that it is still there and feel it, but of course it is not and it is only a trick of the mind.

7.Depth perception

This one is pretty much self-explanatory because for most people this image is going to be moving. It is all to do with how we perceive depth and our ability to see images in 3D, so when we have the same image repeated on top of one another like this our brain gets confused leading to us believing it is moving.


8.Confusing your hearing

Get two people with pipes and sit between them. Get them to talk one by one through the pipes and you will identify where the sound is coming from. Swap the pipes and for some reason your hearing gets confused and you will point in the opposite direction of the sound.

9.Simple confusion

Have you ever lifted your foot to turn it clockwise, then tried to move your finger anti-clockwise? If you do, then for most people their foot will start going anti-clockwise as well and that is simply because of two different parts of the brain getting confused and the brain deciding it can only do one thing.


10.Confusing your proprioreception

This is all about confusing your brain into thinking that something is bigger than it actually is. People refer to it as the Pinocchio effect because if you sit blindfolded behind somebody and put your hand on their nose as well as your own, then stroke both of them you will believe that your nose has grown.

11.Shrinking your pain

If you hurt yourself, but then look at the part you have hurt through inverted binoculars it somehow makes the pain become less severe as if you have tricked your brain into thinking that it really is not that sore. It shows how we alter the strength of an emotion due to what our eyes see.


12.Ganzfield Procedure

What actually happens with the Ganzfield Procedure is described in the image itself, but you can see how it could really freak you out a bit if you decided to go ahead and give it a go. This shows how you can have an impact on your brain, but surely it is not right that it can do this?


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