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12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:01 pm

Being a mother is the world's best thing that can happen to women. It is a very special feeling, giving life to someone and bringing a new individual in this world. But not all mothers are same; Some are very caring, some are careless and very few are just odd and different from all other mothers. Here we have a list of some of the oddest mothers in the world. Don't forget to read #10...
4.Shirley MacClaine

MacClaine's daughter Sachi Parker has recently released a book describing how tight- fisted her mother was. She refused to pay her college education, left Sachi with a sexually abusive father most of her life and also charged her interest on any money she loaned her, which was not much. This seems odd for a woman well loved by her audiences and also deeply spiritual by her own description. MacClaine has denied the allegations stating that her daughter is simply being 'opportunistic' and has cut her from her will and life.

Shirley MacClaine-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

5.The Largest Mom

Donna Simpson is proud to hold the title of 'Fattest Woman to Give Birth'. She delivered her child three years ago and weighed in at 532 lbs and that in itself is pretty impressive.

The Largest Mom-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

6.Betty Mbereko

Zimbabwean Betty Mbereko is due to marry her own son. The 40 year old mother already has a baby with her son. She claims that after her son's father died she spent tons of money sending him to university, so why should she not reap the rewards?

Update: The mother and son now live together in an unknown town after being thrown out of their village in Zimbabwe, They are married and have a 3-year-old son, No one knows where exactly they live as they may be living with different names without introducing them as mother and son.

Betty Mbereko-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

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