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Women Sex Facts You Didn't Know

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 10:07 am

1.The Female Anus

A females anus is packed with erotic nerve endings at the opening. Pressure on there or a finger sliding in their can deepen their orgasm by almost three times.

2.The Clit is Complex

The female clitoris and pleasure zones are far more varied than the males. The clitoris for example is much larger than we realize having larger portions of it underneath the skin circling the outer vulva. The hood of the clitoris also is filled with sensation which is different to the actual clitoris itself. Study where things are to give an ultimate orgasm.

3.Love Her Smell

All women love oral sex, but many refuse it as they feel they do not smell good enough. This is a myth that has been drummed into society for centuries. Now, it is used as a marketing ploy to sell vaginal products. Men love the faint musky smell of a woman's vagina, some women smell stronger than others. it is natural and beautiful. Tell a woman her smell is sexy to you, don't make her feel worse. A great lover relishes a woman's smell and lets her know, this is very sexy to a woman.

4.Breasts are Moody

Women's breasts have moods and needs just like the rest of her! When aroused they can swell up to 30% of their regular size. What worked for her one day might not work for her another. The best thing to do is never just grab her nipple. Some days women don't even want you near them. Think of breasts as, under the arm, on the sides, around the areola and then finally the nipple. Teasing is good and so is asking her if she wants you near them at all. Toys

sex toys and aids really do help many women achieve orgasm. If you recall most do not. They would also be pleasantly surprised if you helped her with the sex toys. That means understanding how they work, helping her to use them during intercourse, buying her sex toys and enhancements and also making sure she is well lubed up. Do not be afraid to reach for the lube bottle and massage it in, that is sexy.

6.Women Like Short Periods of Thrusting

Lesbian sex is great for any woman. If you want to be a great lover read lesbian sex tips. One of them would be don't thrust. Thrusting or penetration should be varied. A period of short shallow thrusts, then long deep ones. The best thrusting action is using the 'figure 8' method. That way you get to touch all her tingling bits. Any thrusting without clitoral or anal stimulation gets boring within 8 seconds.

7.Women Eat After sex

A large proportion of women like to eat and chat after sex. So if you really want to get into her heart bring her a nice snack afterwards. Ice-cream is often appreciated!


8.Women's Orgasms Take Longer

A woman's orgasm lasts 4 times longer than a man's. She might take four times longer to get there though, so to speak. Most women prefer very long periods of foreplay think of a woman as a beautiful vintage car that you are preparing to take for a long drive in the country.

9.After sex is More Important

A woman will judge not only your sexual ability by how you behave during intercourse, but also how you treat her after intercourse. If you walk out of the door don't hold your breath that she will ever take you seriously. French men are said to be excellent lovers. They spoil their lovers more after sex than before.


10.Smell is So Important to Women

Women are either put off you or on you due to your smell. This is your natural body smell. it is called genetic compatibility. Any other smells they are very in-tune with too. That is why it pays to be showered before sex. That is also why women spend hours smelling perfumes and buying nice smelling toiletries.

11.Mind Body Connection

During sex 80% of men say they can orgasm, only 30% of females say they can. Ways to help women achieve orgasm are well documented. Orgasm to a female is physically propelled and mentally propelled.


12.Some Women Never Experience Orgasm.

Many women do not experience orgasm during sexual intercourse at all. Many also feel that self pleasuring is taboo. It is only through self exploration that women can understand their bodies and their minds regards sex. Lengthy foreplay helps and so does not losing touch with her clitoris during penetration.

13.Most Women Do not Climax During sexual Intercourse

Most women cannot climax with just regular intercourse. Most smart guys know that hands, fingers and tongues are the way to go. Even during intercourse most women need constant stimulation of their clitoris.


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