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World's Craziest Collectors

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:27 pm

1.Dr Kolpakov

Dr Kolpakov is a dentist, so it is perhaps not that big a surprise to find out that he collects toothpaste. He now has over 1400 different items related to toothpaste and has built up a website to educate people on it, but who wants to spend time going through all of those different brands?

2.Becky Martz

It is perhaps fair to say that Becky Martz loves bananas. Well, that is perhaps not strictly true because it is more a case of she loves the labels that come on them. The amazing thing is she now has over 7000 labels in her collection and you probably never imagined that so many existed in the world.

3.Victor Taylor

Victor Taylor collects lottery scratch cards. Clearly buying them is not unusual in itself, but what is unusual is having the self-restraint to not go ahead and scratch them off to see if you have won. It is funny to think that for all he knows he could be sitting there with a fortune in his home, but he will never find out as he will never scratch off that panel.

4.Michael Lewis

Do you know those moist toilettes that you can buy? Well Michael loves them that much that he actually collects them. He has even got to the point where he has a website dedicated to them and that is where he shows off his collection to the world. How on earth do you even get started with that?

5.Scott Gordon

This takes collecting to a new level because Scott Gordon not only collects samples of asphalt, but he has also opened a museum dedicated to it. The fact that he collects it is strange enough, but to then think that there are other people out there that would love to experience his collection is just taking things a bit too far.

6.Phil Miller

The thing that Phil Miller collects are sugar packets. He has a particular fascination with sugar packets that also have images of US presidents on them, but of course there is only a limited number of packets that you can then pick up, so he basically goes for anything he can find.

7.Sergei Frolov

Well this guy must be the only person in the world with a collection of Soviet calculators. At the last count, and he probably used one to add it up, he had over 150 of them in his collection. He has since spread out and now includes old computers and even watches.


8.Barney Smith

OK so this is certainly a crazy collection to have because the one thing that Barney focuses on is decorated toilet seats. He is an artist himself, so he certainly appreciates the artwork that goes into them, but it is still something that is very, very strange.

9.Bob Toelle

This guy collects posters, but not posters in general because that would be a bit too mainstream. Instead, he only collects posters that show fish. At the last count he had more than 700 of them with the posters showing different types and telling you a bit more about them.


10.Eric Ducharme

This has to be a strange thing to collect because good old Eric has focused on latex mermaid fins. Yes you read that right, latex mermaid fins. You have to wonder as to what got him collecting this in the first place and how many are there out there that are different enough to get into a collection anyway?

11.Graham Barker

This guy is more than likely the only one in the world that collects bellybutton fluff. The fact that he could very well be the only one is not exactly going to come as a big shock because how many people have an interest in this kind of thing in the first place?


12.Bob Gibbens

This guy has a collection of love dolls and at the last count he had 240 of them spread around his house. He talks to them, dresses them, moves them around, and basically treats them like people, but hey as long as he is happy who are we to go and judge him?


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