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World's Strangest Furniture

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 6:19 am


Not the best furniture to have around if you have had a little too much to drink! This psychedelic range might appeal to some, but it might start to get a little bit freaky after you have had a few too many to drink.

2.A Step Up

Remember your spider-man bed? This is for the more discerning adult, the Mercedes bed! You have to admit that it looks like a good car has been wasted here just to give you somewhere comfortable to sleep.

3.For The Love Of Pandas

If you love Panda's you will love this chair. If you don't you won't, but at least they are all stuffed ones and not made from the real thing because then that would be a strange piece of furniture.
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Very artful yet a little creepy. What if you got lost at a strange venue and found this handle in the dimly lit passage. How much would that then freak you out?

5.Portable Chairs

Have you ever had that need just to sit down in the middle of the city after a long walk? Well, now you can! This chair is part of your skirt and you simply pump it up to have a nice sit and relax for a bit. Do they make it in leggings too?

6.Strange Sinks

These interesting bottoms were found in a rather up-market bathroom. No one seems able to work out what they are for other than decoration. We certainly hope so!

7.Human Furniture

This is really artful and quite beautiful as a book case. Would you feel a bit guilty making people strain in that position all day to hold your books? Maybe not as it depends on how much you like the people.



Open plan has become just a tad too open? This bed made of rope mesh leaves little privacy for the people taking a nap on it. Surely this would be a bit freaky to sleep on?

9.Roach Couture

This chair is a little bit like sitting on a giant cockroach? Not the most appealing bit of furniture ever made, but surely it is going to appeal to somebody somewhere or they would not have made it?


10.A Sign Of The Times

We know that with over-population everything is going upwards, but this is a bit much? Clearly the bottom part is for reading and the top half is for sight-seeing or something.

11.Slaughter of the Innocent

This chair looks particularly cozy. The three sheep heads could be a little unnerving? Besides who could feel comfy in this chair knowing three little lambs were used in the making of it?


12.Bottoms Up!

Imagine visiting a friend and they ask you to have a chair. Would you wonder at the hidden connotations? What happens once you sit in this chair? We sense a catapult effect coming up!


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