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Worst Break Up Letters

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 4:08 pm

1.Child's Play

This letter looks to be written by a child. Maybe it was, but the recipient of this note is definitely being broken up with, and on their one month anniversary too. It must be tough to lose someone after one month, after all that time they must have put in together.

2.Classified Personal Ad

Why not make it public in the personals. Full name and all, this woman really wanted some kind of revenge on Kevin Maxey. She really wants to make sure he knows it over, and that is was over as of December 9th. She never wants him to knock on her door or call her either. Wow, pretty final.

3.Text Message Break Up

It seems like whoever broke up with whom feels bad in this text, and the other person is just pushing them. They agree to pinky swear and do any favor they want, but then out of nowhere, it seems, they tell them to shove their pinky promise. Wow, if someone pinky promises, it's very serious.

4.It's Political

This letter is insulting on so many levels. First, she insults his intelligence and political knowledge, then she goes on to insult his manhood, and then she doesn't even want to be friends. It seems like the whole reason is that they didn't see eye to eye on politics. Is that a reason to break up? Maybe.

5.Short But Sweet

This hilarious note is just perfect. There's no begging, there's no long goodbye, and there's no insults, there's such the simple sentiment of what this woman really feels. Most likely her boyfriend left her for another woman, and well, you know what they say about woman who date men who are taken.

6.The Dog Hates You

Simple, but to the point, this note tells it like it really is. It would be fine, while it does seem sudden, but to take the dog probably stung more than him leaving. Then to tell her that the dog hates her, that was just plain mean. We all know she probably loved the dog more than him.

7.Most Confusing

Obviously Tijah is not a native English speaker, and that's fine, but he should have had someone help him write this letter, and he shouldn't have put some of it in English and some in his language. It's probably a translator app that is the reason most of this letter makes no sense.


8.It's Not You It's Me

This break up letter is confusing. First, it starts off with "Dear Five Guys." Is she writing this letter to five boyfriends at once. Then she tells these guys that she did have fun, but lies to travel and doesn't like to be tied down. Okay, that's fine, but then she says what no one wants to hear. "We can still be friends" and " it's not you, it's me."

9.naked Pics Of Ex

This is a great note and it would be priceless to see the look on the guy's face when he read it. Some guys are just so clueless when it comes to cheating. Why would he put a picture of some other girl as his background. Thanks to smartphones, many dishonest men have been caught.


10.Better Than 100,000,000 Trampolines

It looks like this girl, Erin, is a bright ray of sunshine, so why is her boyfriend breaking up with her? He seems to not be happy about it, but something in him just wants to move on. Maybe he is just one of those people who doesn't like the sun and prefers rain.

11.Giraffes Are Fun To Ride

When all else fails, draw a funny picture. This guy obviously had no real reason to break up, or every reason, but he just couldn't put it into words. If you read between the lines, what does a giraffe symbolize. A long neck? Maybe he saw something he shouldn't have.


12.Scavenger Hunt

This break up letter is one of the best. It has a cheerfulness to it, but the best part is the scavenger hunt she sends the guy on. He is going to have to remember a lot of things that most guys forget, such as where they first met, where they first kissed, and where they "went all the way."


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