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Worst Break Up Stories Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 8:32 am

1.He made a list?

Imagine being so vain that you make a list of what you think is wrong with the person you are in a relationship with and then send it to them. How cruel is that?

2.He was dressed as Amy?

If you are going to break up with somebody do try to not do it at a party as that is a very public place. It is even made worse when you are both dressed the same.

3.Is that even an excuse?

The question here is whether or not that is even an excuse to break up with somebody? How on earth can you end up blaming the weather when it has absolutely nothing to do with your relationship?

4.What an evil guy

You must feel sorry for this girl because imagine being dumped in that way. How evil is the guy that she was with that he ended up doing that?

5.This is different

This is certainly a different way to break up with somebody, but it also comes across as them being very shallow and unable to do it themselves. They must have hoped that she would get the hint after three weeks.

6.That must hurt

There is no doubt that this kind of breakup must hurt a lot because there is no way that you can see it coming especially when they ask that question about love. Imagine going from that to being asked to move out within seconds?

7.He is full of himself

What this tells you is that this guy was far too full of himself for you to then go ahead and have a relationship with him. How crazy must he be to even sit and think that this is a reasonable excuse?


8.He threw or she threw?

OK so it was unfortunate having the guys laughing at her, but did she throw the ring out or was that down to him? No matter what happened it is still not wise to break up in the car like that.

9.He what??

Well that is certainly a bad way to break up with somebody and it just comes across as being one very confusing situation. He surely could have handled that a lot better.


10.An explanation would be nice

If you just go and dump somebody out of the blue, then do you not think that they do indeed deserve an explanation as to why it has happened? This kind of comes across as the person themselves not even knowing why.

11.A tough gig

Well that must have been the toughest gig of his career since she dumped him just before he went on to perform. He must have felt like changing the lyrics to something that was a bit more scathing about her.


12.Unfortunate timing

Well there is a pretty good chance that he remembered it was her birthday and then felt a bit bad about it after it, but that is still one bad breakup. You cannot do anything else but feel sorry for her.


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