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Worst Halloween Costumes

Sunday, May 24, 2020, 3:34 pm


This costume is scary. It is scary in that somebody thought it would be a good idea to have this made and give it to a child. At what point does a parent think that they are really onto something with this costume? Perhaps the scary part is not the costume itself, but the fact that somebody even managed to come up with the idea in the first place?


This is the classic stick a sheet over your head and pretend you are a ghost costume and you have to admit that even here it is a very poor effort from the guy in question. This is a lazy costume and one that you should be ashamed of wearing even though it is original in its idea.


In some ways you have to congratulate the guy for at least being willing to try this costume out. However, you just know that he is not going to have a lot of success with it making his free mammogram idea useless, but you never get anywhere in life if you never try in the first place.


It's not the fact that a c0ndom packet has been used as a costume. It is the fact that it is a child that they have made it for and you just hope it was not for a school disco. Imagine the look on the face of the teacher as this kid walks in as a packet of c0ndoms? There is a good chance they would be told to run home and change immediately.


Yes somebody has decided to turn this child into a bottle of Pepsi and you just know that they decided that they may as well reuse that bottle to make the cheapest costume ever and then just added on some blue shorts. At least they remembered to put the top of the bottle up there as well just to complete the look.



This has to be one of the worse costumes you will see as they appear to have blended skeleton hands with an alien face and a ballet dancer. What creature this makes is something you will have to figure out yourself, but in the meantime people would just look at this costume and wonder what on earth was going on when they dreamt it up.


In one way it is clever, but in another way somebody had too much spare time on their hands with being pregnant and allowed themselves to get carried away with things. This costume is all about the idea of having a bun in the oven, but surely Halloween is all about scary things? Replicating a giant muffin is not exactly scary.



Yes this person has indeed dressed up as a blood covered tampon and even though some will say that it is actually quite ingenious you do have to admit that it is not exactly for a family Halloween party. At least they have gone for quite a lot of detail here, but at times detail is a bit too much.


Yes this guy has indeed dressed up as a box of Tampax for Halloween and while guys will probably laugh at it you just know that the women around him will generally not be amused. You have to admit that the costume itself is not too bad, but it is more the subject that makes it one of the worse costumes out there.


10.Just why?

Who actually thought that this would be a good idea? Who in their right mind would want to dress a baby up like this with an alien bursting out of its chest and think it would make a good costume? It is actually very sad for the baby in question and their parent needs a bit of help.

11.The Joker

The latest Batman movie would not have done as well as it did if the Joker looked like this. Basically, they have not really put much thought into their costume rather than to do their face up and even with that it is a pretty poor effort as well. This is a definite 1 out of 10 effort.



Just what exactly is going on here? Yes this is an attempt at spider girl, but you can see why this particular comic book hero never really made it big. This is quite scary never mind being one of the worse Halloween costumes you will ever see.


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