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Worst Moms Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 10:00 am

7.Feeling Up Mom

If this were a picture of a father with his little girl's hand on his private parts, the law would be at his door in seconds flat. It's atrocious that this mother thinks nothing of having her child hang onto her breast while she snaps a photo. He is obviously too old to be breast feeding.

Feeling Up Mom-Worst Moms Ever

8.Hitting The Bong

Nothing like smoking weed in front of your baby and having them inhale your second hand smoke, but to actually have them put their mouth on the bong is pure child abuse. Why do mothers insist on doing these kinds of things in front of their kids and then wonder why they go bad when they grow up?

Hitting The Bong-Worst Moms Ever

9.Pole Dancer

Oh this mother has great aspirations for her little girl. Get her on the pole early so she is a pro by the time she is a teenager. The fishnets really hammer it homes too. Who knew they sold baby fishnets, or did this mother just put her own on the little baby. So gross.

Pole Dancer-Worst Moms Ever

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