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Worst Apologies Ever

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:15 am

1.Geraldo Rivera

The problem with his apology for his hoodie rant is that he managed to apologize while also then offending other people, so surely that then leads to another apology at some point? He just did not come across as meaning anything apart from the not so subtle dig at others, so why bother when you have no intention of believing what you are saying?

2.Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi was forced into apologizing for taking various drugs during his baseball career. However, the problem was that he did not actually apologize, but instead he worked his way around the subject as much as he could and ended up doing nothing at all while still feeling as if it was all fixed. Try it again Jason!

3.Michael Richards

The problem with his apology after a major racial outburst was that he did it on a comedy show, it was just a ramble, and he tried to make it seem as if he too had been affected and was being wronged. However, he needed to make it far more structured and sound as if he meant it rather than coming across as an idiot.

4.Chris Brown

After beating up Rihanna of course Chris Brown had to apologize. However, he felt that just saying sorry was enough when he had attacked her, but then he should have gone further and went for more help to stop it happening again. It also sounded far too scripted.

5.Rob Ford

You have to admit that the apology by Rob Ford was very poor indeed because with everything that has gone on with him you just get the feeling that saying sorry is not enough. You also got the impression that he would then go and get drunk and take more drugs after his apology.

6.Chip Wilson

This guy made a big mistake of being abusive towards his customers rather than accepting that it was his products to blame. However, he did not apologize to the people he offended, but rather just said sorry to his employees. Somebody needs to give him a master class in customer relations.

7.Bill Clinton

You have to admit that when it comes to terrible apologies that none can be worse than what was offered by Bill Clinton. His attempt to explain what went on in the oval office is now written down in history and he may as well have said sorry for wearing a tie for all the good it did him.


8.What is worse?

This person has a bit of a cheek here as they are actually believing that the small issue of somebody looking in a medicine cabinet cancels out the fact that they were spying on them in the bathroom. Looking for a tablet for a headache is not as serious as being a peeping tom.

9.Kanye West

After Kanye West grabbed the mic off Taylor Swift he then went on to make one of the worst apologies ever. This apology ended up with him appearing on several shows and sending a total of 72 Tweets saying how sorry he was for the entire thing, so even though he may have been sincere he went overboard.


10.Sorry for the beheading

Saying sorry is at times not enough and that is certainly the case here. These guys are rebel fighters in Syria and basically they are saying sorry in a video for beheading the wrong person. They do actually say that they hope nobody was inconvenienced by their mistake. Well, erm how about the guy you killed?

11.Pees accept it

What kind of a friend goes and has a pee on the other one? The other question you may have is where this actually happened because hopefully it was not in a classroom. However, you could argue that at least they have tried to say sorry, so good on them.


12.With cakes?

If you have been sick on somebody is it really a good idea to apologize by making them some cupcakes that are brown? OK the sentiment is probably there, but you would like to think that they could have come up with something else instead.


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