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Worst Mirror Selfies Ever

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 9:17 am

1.Serious..but not quite

With this selfie there is an attempt to be serious, but it just fails in so many ways. What is it with the need to pose with a gun in different shots?


Forget the fact that she has a small tattoo on her arm and instead concentrate on the fact that she has taken a selfie with her eyes crossed and in her bra. This is yet another one of those times where it is perhaps best just to accept that it is mad and move on.

3.Quite athletic

OK so on the one hand you may be quite impressed by this photo, but then you have to question why she is doing it in the first place. At what point do you look at a door and start to think about doing this?

4.It's best not to know

This is the kind of picture where it is really best not to know what is going on with the chocolate sauce and we need to just leave him alone to think about what he has done. If he thinks that girls will love him for it, then he is going to be in for a big surprise.

5.Put the animals away

Well you are trying to take a serious selfie and your cats are climbing all over you, so what would be the sensible thing to do? Yep put them out of the room before even trying it!!

6.A chicken head

This is the kind of selfie where you feel as if the person taking the photo is embarrassed and does this so that he can still take one, but without revealing himself too much. The question now is, why a chicken?

7.Why a pot?

You have to seriously wonder what is going on here and why this guy has decided to take a selfie with a pot on his head. There really is no logical explanation for it and even the excuse he ends up giving will still make no sense whatsoever.


8.A bit too personal

Well there is a time and a place to take a selfie and when your friend is sitting on the toilet that is generally not the time to take one. Surely his friend will get stage fright?

9.Remember the kids

Well this is just another example of some parents that are only interested in themselves and not concerned with their kids. What is it with people including a child in a selfie where they are standing half naked?


10.Erm we can't see you

So what is the point of this selfie when the flash means we are unable to see what you look like? Yes we can see your dress and different toiletries, but we cannot see you from the neck up, so this is undoubtedly a fail.

11.Some privacy around here please!!

Sheesh can a guy not get any privacy to now? The worst part is that this appears to be like some schoolkid that is doing this.


12.It's for you!!!

OK so this is just an attempt to be funny, but it still counts as one of the worst selfies due to the fact that it is very, very corny in its entirety. Thankfully he has not taken it further and started to reveal parts of his body though.


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