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Strip Club Fails

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 7:52 pm

1.A surprise is coming your way

The worrying thing here is that this guy looks thin and the stripper is a bit bigger, but also he looks very drunk, so he is hardly going to remember any of this. That is a problem with a strip club in that you drink a lot and then miss out on moments such as this.

2.We are all different

As you went through these images you probably never imagined seeing a stripper with one leg, but here she is. Yes it is very strange to look at, but lets be honest here you would watch in amazement at first.

3.Some movement would be great

This stripper appears to have forgot that you need to actually move in order to get people to look at you. This is not going to result in a lot of private dances for you.

4.Out of this world

strippers can end up wearing some strange things, but surely this is going to be one of the strangest outfits that you have ever set your eyes on. At what point do they think...I know lets dress up like Star Wars because that will turn them on!!!

5.Honesty is not always best

You have to wonder why the owner of this str1p club has decided to be so brutally honest about the girls that work there? Does he feel the need to make sure that his customers know what to expect? How does he define ugly?

6.Get down grandma

First of all how come you are at the strip club with your grandma? The second thing is what possessed her to go up there beside the strippers and start to strut her stuff? Somebody take her down....please!!

7.A major fail

This really is a major fail in so many ways, but then we do not really know a lot of the information surrounding the birth of the baby, so perhaps we should not judge. However, it is not exactly good publicity for them when this happens.


8.Strong pole

The larger woman certainly has her place in the stripping world and boy is that pole sturdy. However, you will go into a strip club with a pre-conceived idea as to what to expect and the chances are that this is not it.

9.Are you trained?

This photograph looks as if it is a night where anybody can just have a go and at times that it not something that you want to happen. Surely people need to think carefully about what they are going to look like up there before they start?


10.Get off the stage!!

Well if you turned up to a strip club and saw this on the stage you would feel cheated and want to leave immediately. Not even the gold sequence jacket can save this situation.

11.One for the family

This is like a family get together, but for some reason they decided to go and hire a stripper. It appears as if it is a case of everybody for themselves since parents, sons, and even kids are there.


12.Is it a kids club?

This one is shocking because here you have girls doing pole dancing while kids are dancing below them. What on earth is going on here and at what point do some parents think that this is going to be a fun thing to do? The mind boggles.


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