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15 Unusual Uses For Toothpaste

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 8:48 pm

There are few things money can fix, for everything else there is toothpaste! Yes, toothpaste is the mother of all hacks. If you think toothpaste is only meant for cleaning teeth, you are wrong. Take some time to read 15 amazing ways to put toothpaste to work other than just for brushing teeth.
13.Yes, a Good Toilet Cleaner too

Toothpaste works like a charm even for cleaning the toilet. If you are too bored with regular toilet cleaners, try toothpaste this time to see how good it is, particularly the fresh smell. Do not let your toothpaste fall inside the toilet, if you are to use it for again for brushing teeth.

Yes, a Good Toilet Cleaner too-15 Unusual Uses For Toothpaste

14.Removes Permanent Marker Scribblings

Permanent markers are permanent until you give them a taste of toothpaste. Easily erase permanent marker from wooden furniture and flooring by rubbing the stained area with toothpaste.

Removes Permanent Marker Scribblings-15 Unusual Uses For Toothpaste

15.Can Whiten up Old and Dirty Shoes

Use toothpaste to remove that dirty yellowish tint on your shoe’s white sole. Gently rub shoe sole with toothpaste, and rinse/clean with water. You shoes are now new and shining. Why buy a new pair of shoes when you have toothpaste.

Can Whiten up Old and Dirty Shoes-15 Unusual Uses For Toothpaste

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