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Adventures Of Tiny People In The World Of Food

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 8:56 am

1.A wintry scene

Well this is certainly a wintry scene for us to enjoy with the little boy being pulled along over the top of some kind of dessert. The only problem now is that there has been a dog on there, so it is perhaps best that we do not eat it.

2.Cleaning up the spill

Well this should be seen as an attempt to clean up a spill, but boy does he have a big job in front of him when you look at the amount of mustard that is on there. He better have a strong back as he will be exhausted by the end of it all.

3.Holding the fries

Well this just seems like a pretty useless job because why would one guy have the task of putting the fries into the ketchup like this? It just comes across as creating a job for the sake of doing so.

4.Colorful bakers

Well these bakers are certainly capable of making some huge cakes when you compare the size of the two of them. They are also quite fond of making them different colors, but whether or not they are edible is another question.

5.Tie the lobster down!!

It looks as if they have managed to capture some kind of giant and they are trying to make sure that it cannot escape and go no the rampage. Clearly rope is the only thing that will do, but surely they need more of them?

6.Peeking into the egg

Ahh see these two workmen are trying to see what is going on inside of the egg and at least they have still put up their cone for safety reasons. It is nice to see that even tiny people still take their safety seriously.

7.Enter the fish of doom!!

Is this like some strange kind of tour that goes on in the world of small people? Come lets check out the inside of this ugly looking fish, just follow me over the lemons.


8.Pasta car wash

This is such a clever idea since the way that the pasta is hanging does then resemble a car wash. It looks like a busy operation as well considering there is another one sitting there waiting.

9.The skatepark

Well this is certainly an ingenious way to use the inside of an avocado when the stone is not there because it does resemble those early skating areas that used the inside of swimming pools. The only question is why there is then some older guy with a broken leg hobbling through the scene.


10.Stunt jump

Well this is certainly a different pose to have because we seem to have a very small stuntman that can only do tricks when a slice of cheesecake is his ramp. Of course we would not do this because we would eat the cheesecake instead.

11.Against the teddy army

Well these guys have to work out how to control the teddy army that is coming towards them and you have to say that it does not look like a good predicament to be in. They are just simply outnumbered and they will probably be overrun at any moment.


12.Get cracking

Finally we have the answer to the question of how the shells on these nuts end up being cracked. Little did we realize that there are small people with hammers doing all of the hard work for us, so thank you little one!!


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