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Amazing Pen Drawings

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 1:06 pm

1.Clint Eastwood

Even though he looks like he's suffering from a severe stomach ache, this illustration of Clint Eastwood is awesome. Eastwood's head and face are three-dimensional, but the artist's cross-hatching technique on his shirt makes it look flat. The drawing gives the impression that it's a caricature of the actor, but the artist nailed his moniker 'squint.'


When a mouse knows how to work a cell phone, it's time to pack up and move to Mars. Though this isn't a realistic drawing, it's still fun to look at. The phone is a little rough around the edges, as is the bowl of acorns, but the mouse is terrific. The mouse is drawn lighter than the other objects in the picture, but it sticks out the most. The artist put minimal pressure on the pen to achieve the mouse's gray-like color. And the pen pressure around his eyes gives the little vermin a lifelike quality.


Now this is a bald eagle Americans would love to have representing the country. There's no mistaking that this bird was created with a pen, especially since the lines and shadows are so apparent. Since bald eagles have a white head, the artist did well with giving the bird some complexity and realness.


If all fruit remain looking this good, then there would be no need to throw them away. This still-life drawing features a technique called cross-hatching; where the artist uses crossed lines to emulate shadows. The artist's usage is subtle, but it is essentially what gives each of the fruit a 3D feel.


This shoe wasn't meant for walking, but itis meant to be admired. The most meticulous aspect of this drawing is the high heel shoe. Aside from the orb-shaped perfume, the other parts of this illustration are barely visible. Their visibility could have something to do with the scribble technique the artist used.


This camera pen drawing is worthy of being framed. The details on this artwork are so precise, that it looks like a newspaper ad, as opposed to a drawing. The one downfall of this piece is it's a 2D drawing rather than 3D. Due to the thin nature of the lines on the camera and the strap, this drawing was more than likely done with a fine tip pen.


This isn't Black Beauty, but it's a beaut nonetheless. No one would know this is the work of a ballpoint pen from just glancing at it. This isn't a drawing that has a few lines with the paper being used as the shadows. This artist used the pen in a stippling form to create different waves of black, and gray. To top it all off, the artist was able to give the horse a shine, with just the tip of their pen.


8.Claire Danes

This pen illustration of Claire Danes appears simple, but it's the complete opposite. The artist's use of shadows is the main thing that makes this drawing look real. The only lines drawn with ballpoint pen are Danes' features; everything else is different degrees of the artist putting more pressure on the pen in some areas and less in others.


This artist captured every detail on both the father's hand and the tiny tot he's holding. It's unbelievable to even think this is anything other than a photographer capturing a candid moment. But it's actually a pen drawing of a tiny newborn. The baby's bunched up little face is priceless and has so many great fine points.



A classy drawing of a classy woman. This pen portrait of Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffany's looks just as glamorous as the actress herself. The drawing appears as though it was created with charcoal. Accomplishing such fine line work like the one in the photo takes loads of time and patience. The picture is executed so well that this looks like black & white photo.


Drawing fur with a pen is no easy feat. To achieve realistic fur, the artist went back and forth between darks shades of blue, to easing up on the pen and creating lighter shades. And even though the bear is drawn in a pose that should be frightening, the animal comes across harmless. He's no Winnie the Pooh, but he's not scary either.



If only tigers could look this friendly in person. This sketcher took a domineering animal and gave it an almost helpless look. The tiger's fur appears to be subtlety blowing in the wind. And though the animal's fur probably took the most time to nail, it's his eyes that steal your heart.

13.Matt Damon

This ballpoint pen illustration of Matt Damon is a work of art. From afar it looks like a basic drawing. But up-close, the amount of details the artist was able to create with just a pen is admirable. His hair does appear to be flat and isn't on the same level of greatness as the rest of the actor's face, but the overall look of the drawing is amazing.


Here's looking at you kid! The artist's technique makes it easy to detect that this eye was created with a pen. The sclera, eye duct and eye lid are all created with light strokes that make the image look real. However, the iris, pupil and eyelashes are executed with dark pen strokes that weigh-down the drawing and make it look flat.


Only a pen could make a monkey look cute. A lot of this monkey's detail comes from the combination of dark and faded lines. The realism of the monkey's mouth makes you want to do a double take. On the other hand, the glass-like appearance of the monkey's eyes does make it look more like a stuffed animal.


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