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Amazing People With Physical Disabilities

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 12:06 pm

1.Lenin Moreno

Even though he was disabled due to being shot it did not stop this guy from making waves in the world of politics in Ecuador. He was actually the Vice President from 2007 to 2013 and of course he made major changes in the way that disabled people were treated in his country.

2.John Hockenberry

Even though he has a spinal cord injury that means he is in a wheelchair it is certainly fair to say that he has not allowed this to get him down. He has since gone on to become one of the best journalists of his generation and due to being an author as well he has won four Emmy awards during his career.

3.Sudha Chandran

This Indian woman really is quite remarkable. She was not born with a physical disability, but lost one of her legs in an accident, but after that she has managed to become one of the most famous dancers in Asia and has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows across the continent. She has acted as an inspiration to others to show that they can still achieve things even after such a terrible event.

4.Tanni Grey-Thompson

When it comes to people that have competed in the Paralympics nobody is going to be capable of matching this amazing woman. Even though she has been confined to a wheelchair she won 16 medals with 11 of them being gold and also broke a total of 30 world records during her career. She completely dominated her sport and there is no doubt that her competitors were very happy when she finally retired.

5.Helen Keller

Helen Keller managed to achieve so much during her life even though she was both blind and deaf. She became a well known author and activist and traveled across the world helping others with their causes in order to reduce the amount of suffering that different groups had to endure at different times.

6.Christy Brown

This name may not be too familiar at first, but this was an Irish author, painter, and a poet who managed to achieve a number of amazing things even though he had cerebral palsy. This is actually the guy that led to the movie, My Left Foot, so if you want to learn more about how amazing a person he actually was, then do yourself a favor and get watching it.

7.Stevie Wonder

This guy has never allowed the fact that he is completely blind to hold him back in his career as a musician. He has had countless hits, sold millions upon millions of records, and has been seen by millions of people around the world. He is an amazing piano player and basically you would have no idea that he was blind.


8.Alex Zanardi

At one point Alex Zanardi was a top racing driver, but that all changed after a horrific crash where he lost both of his legs at the knees. In all honesty he should never have survived that, but he has not allowed it to get him down and he is now an Olympic champion at handbiking after winning two gold medals at the 2012 Paralympics.

9.Bethany Hamilton

This is a story that you may have heard of before especially if you have watched the movie Soul Surfer. Basically, she was surfing as a teenager when she was attacked by a shark that ripped off her left arm and she lost 60% of her blood. She not only survived, but she was back surfing a month later and has since gone on to win competitions.


10.Baxter Humby

This guy is a martial arts expert even though his right hand had to be amputated at birth. He has also been a stunt double in movies such as Spiderman 3, so at least his physical disability is not something that he allows to hold him back in any way.

11.Ralph Braun

Ralph Braun was the founder of a company that focused on providing people with physical disabilities the opportunity to move around thanks to wheelchairs and other physical aides. His company was the first one to produce a wheelchair with hand controls and he has brought freedom to millions of people around the world. His vision was spurred on even though he was born with muscular dystrophy.


12.Stephen Hawking

This guy has to be one of the brainiest people in the world and he does this even though he has been suffering from ALS for decades. In actual fact he is the longest survivor with this disease and it has not stopped him from becoming the best physicist in the world and also making documentaries and writing books on how the universe was formed.


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