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Amazing Perfectly Timed Photos Of Animals

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:28 pm

1.Love fly

'I love you baby, I really do'. Well, they all say that at the crucial moment don't they?. I wonder if she's being 'suckered' in by all that!

2.Finally They Listen!

'Come to me, my fat little cat. Come! Come!'. A cat owner discovers a way to actually call a cat and it will in fact come to him.

3.Oh Darn It!

At the final hour this little seal realizes that the 'top' position is not always the winning one. You can imagine how annoyed the shark is at this moment in time.

4.Tom and Jerry

'I will not drop my cheese, I will not drop my cheese'. Jerry chants to himself as he runs 30 miles an hour and avoids a swiping paw.

5.Doggy Sprinkler

Who knew that when Rex dutifully fetched the ball in the pool, he also drank half of it. No wonder he waters the garden constantly.

6.Cool Fish

'Hey guys! Awesome to see you down here, whatever you are. Love the fancy flipper by the way, very East Coast. Take a high five from me!'

7.Caught In A Fight

'Don't you look at me like that! Have you seen how you look at me? I'm coming over there right now to box you in the face.


8.Hard Nosed Mafia Birds

'Now you shut your beak and listen up'. This is my tree for my family and don't you be sticking your beak around here again. You hear me?'

9.Cliff Hanger

'You first, No, you first'. Did they manage to get the fish? Who got the fish? The mystery goes on. Watch bears on a cliff-top next week to find out!


10.Gosh Who Knew?

'Now stretch those paws. Stretch, stretch, then feel the pull in those jaws'. Hanging with wolves also involves intensive boot camp early in the morning when we are all asleep.

11.A Prayer

'As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the enemies of me do not eat'. See! Even animals say their prayers before sleeping.


12.Ho Hum

'Oh well this leaf was boring, let me get on my bike and move on'. This praying mantas appears to have camouflaged his bike too, clever little insect he is.

13.Diva Cat

'No! I said no. I know the apples match my eyes but two is enough already'. This Diva cat knows what it wants and will be heard!


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