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Athletes Turned Politicians

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 6:09 pm

1.Jim Bunning

This guy was a top class pitcher and was only the second guy to win 100 games in both leagues since he played for both the Phillies and the Tigers. He then went on to serve Kentucky in the senate and indeed he is still doing that today.

2.Reggie Love

Reggie was a star for Duke at basketball, but now he has an even more important position in politics as he is basically the right hand man for Obama. He has risen quite quickly through the ranks and ultimately he has performed better at politics than sport.

3.Steve Largent

Steve was one of the leading wide-receivers in the history of the NFL and played for the Seahawks. He then represented Oklahoma in 1994 up until 2002 and just missed out on actually becoming governor before taking a back seat from politics.

4.JC Watts

JC Watts was the quarterback for Oklahoma and indeed he has two Orange Bowl wins to his name. He then went on to represent the same state in congress for a total of eight years before retiring from politics in 2002.

5.Gerald Ford

Gerald played in a successful Wolverines football team when he was at college and indeed he apparently excelled as a linebacker. However, his focus was elsewhere from quite an early age, so he stopped his potential football career and instead focused on politics.

6.The Bushes

Both of these ex-presidents were also pretty good at baseball, but it was Bush senior who was perhaps the top of this particular family tree. They both played for Yale and the senior won was in the team that won two college world series.

7.Bill Bradley

Bill had a successful time in the NBA, but after his playing career was over he turned his attention to politics and he also did pretty well there. He actually ended up spending three terms as the senator for New Jersey and at one point he was in the running for the Presidential race, but lost out to Al Gore.


8.Manny Pacquaio

There is probably nobody more famous in the Philippines than this guy and for years there was talk about him entering the world of politics back in his home country. This actually then happened just recently when he won a seat in congress, but he is still working hard on his boxing at the same time.

9.Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight was a promising college football player until a knee injury meant he had to quit playing. However, you can hardly complain about the loss to football when you think about what he did as President, so sometimes injury really is a blessing in disguise.


10.Tom Osborne

Tom is quite a remarkable guy, well at least for the state of Nebraska. He is widely regarded as being one of the best college football coaches of all time, but he also spent three terms as the House rep for Nebraska. He must be pretty good at time management.


This ex-Mister Universe did of course become the governor of California and that, you have to say, was pretty impressive. He was certainly very popular during his time in office and the result was him successfully serving two terms, but thankfully he is not the President.


12.Jess Ventura

This ex-wrestler managed to turn away from a life in the ring to enter another world that some see is just as full of make believe things, which is politics. He became the governor of Minnesota, but only survived one term before being counted out by submission.


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