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Best 3d Printing Companies

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:54 pm

1.Cimatron Ltd

The number of things that this company can do are too numerous to list here as are the different industries that they work in. However, they do produce 3D printer software due to the fact that they have been in the CAD market for a number of years.

2.Ansys Inc

With Ansys you are getting software that is really second to none. This is quickly becoming the preferred program for a number of industries as it allows you to look at the object that is going to be printed in 3D and analyze it before anything happens to make sure that it is exactly what you were hoping for.

3.Perceptron Inc

Perceptron works on gathering together information that can then be used to print something in 3D. They do a lot of work in the automobile industry as well as other forms of engineering and their software can gather together an insane amount of information, which then means that the end product is an exact replica.

4.Faro Technologies Inc

This company focuses primarily on the development of software rather than the actual printing machine. However, they do clearly play an integral part and they also make other pieces of hardware such as intricate measuring devices to allow the machines to perfectly replicate whatever has to be printed.

5.Organovo Holdings

This company is amazing because what they do is the produce 3D printed tissue for the sake of medical research. This is also going to end up with them moving into producing it for surgical applications, so maybe when it comes to plastic surgery we will have printed skin on us at some point?

6.Camtek Ltd

This company has been around for some time, but of course it is right in there at the start of the industry as far as 3D printers are concerned. It does mean that they already have a client list and a good strong foundation to build on and they make high-tech equipment for industry.

7.Group Gorge

This company really is something else because they focus more on security and in particular work within the nuclear industry. It does mean that the only way you will really take an interest in what they do is if you have shares in them, but that might not be a bad thing at all.



You are not only able to purchase the printers from this company, but they also offer an on-demand parts service for when something does go wrong. Of course the parts that they offer are printed by them, but that makes sense considering the industry they are working in.

9.The ExOne Company

This company tends to focus on machines that are used by the likes of engineers and designers that want to test a prototype, so they are going to be more out of the price range of everyday people that wish to try this type of technology. However, the products that they do produce are fantastically well made.


10.3D Systems Corp

This company not only supplies the machines, but the parts, and also the different materials that are required for you to print something in the first place. They are like a one stop shop for everything that you need and their items are also made to a high standard.


It is probably not a big shock to discover that this company has got into the 3D printer market as well. Of course they make the machines and they make them that bit more affordable without hampering the quality of the product. There is a good chance that they will become the biggest selling manufacturer for the home market.


12.Stratasys Inc

What this company does is it produces 3D printers, so clearly they are going to be an important player in the industry since very few companies make this particular piece of technology at this moment in time. Their products are already used in various industries, so they are here to stay.


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