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Best Cities For Young Couples

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 8:29 am

1.New York City

New York City is the hub of the country. Young couples, who like high energy nightlife and even more high energy professional business atmosphere's, will love. You've got the romance of a horse drawn carriage ride around Central Park, restaurants with walking distance, and bars and pubs on every corner.

2.Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hip and happening city, perfect for a young couple who likes to go out and take in the nightlife. By day, you've got sun, beaches, rooftop pools, hiking, scenic drives and great picnic areas. You may even run into a celebrity or two in Hollywood, or get to see a television show taping.

3.Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma has the lowest cost of living, making it a great place for young couples to start out and make a nice life for themselves, and a young family. With the ballet, opera, and museums, the Tulsa Garden Center and the Ozark Mountains. it's a great place to live and raise a family. The Tulsa Garden Center

4.Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is the second largest financial enter in the United States, placing right behind New York City. What's even better is that the cost of living is low. With southern charm touched with a city's edge, it's a great place for young couples to settle down and make a life.

5.San diego, California

What's not to like about San diego. It's sunny, warm, dry and amazing. The second largest city in California, you've got beaches, the San diego Zoo, bed and breafasts, and much more. A great place for couples to settle down and live the good live, with no snow, no rain, and a lot of fun.

6.Minneapolis, Minnesota

Romance is high in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the spectacular views of Lake Harriet. Couples can enjoy outings such as, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, or take in the nightlife. A great place to raise a family, with an above average income for either one or both parents. It's often referred to as the "City of Lakes" in all its beauty.

7.San Jose, California

San Jose, California is a community where over half the populations is married. Silicon Valley offers a high income in a big city with lots to do. Couples gravitate here with either one or both of the partners working in the technology industry. Two family incomes have the city as their oyster.


8.Washington, D.C.

What's more special than living in our country's capital. Washington, D.C, offers culture, politics, history and fun. The income is high here and the city is romantic, making it the perfect combination for young, ambitious singles to get out there and have some fun, and fall in love even more.

9.Raleigh, North Carolina

You can't beat the south for their hospitality. A great family community, with more than a quarter of the children being under six years old. From kids museums to adults museums and a low key, sultry nightlife, it's definitely a place for young couples to settle down and raise a family.


10.Dallas, Texas

Great for couples who love to have fun and also who want to raise a family. From amusement parks to a thriving nightlife, there's something for everyone. Sports fans will love it here too. The cost of living is low, lots of jobs, and a community of like minded individuals.

11.Seattle, Washington

Seattle just jumped on the bandwagon, legalizing gay marriage, so not only is this city great for young couples, its an open minded community that welcomes gay couples and marriage of all kinds. The city offers an above average income and has a great family atmosphere as well as a fun and thriving nightlife.


12.Houston, Texas

Rich in community, Houston, Texas offers young couples an exciting bar scene, as well as brunch the morning after. The fourth largest city in the United States is bustling with things to do, keeping up with the energy of the youth populated area, with a great family atmosphere for growing families.


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