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Best Ways To Boost Creativity

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 8:12 pm

1.Commit Yourself 100%

Give it your all. Don't hold anything back. By committing one hundred percent you have the greatest chance of achievement. Some people are afraid of committing whole heartedly, fearing there is no turning back, but those who commit are more successful in everything they do. Give it your all and it will give it back to you.

2.Don't Fear Failure

Failing helps you to learn. If you fail, get right back up and try again. This doesn't mean you aren't creative it means you took a risk and it didn't work. Come up with new ideas and new ways to be creative and you will find successes along the way. Learn from your failures and why they didn't work.

3.Overcome Set Backs

A set back is not a failure, it is just an obstacles. The better you are able to tackle obstacles and get around them the more successful you will be. Go over, under and around obstacles and don't let anything stand in your way. Take a moment to regroup, rethink and readdress, and you will find the solution.

4.Build? Confidence

The more confident you are the more creative you are. The more you see yourself as being able to accomplish something the better equipped you are to see that goal recognized. A shrinking violet will never be sure enough of their own ideas to reach for the most creative recesses of their mind.

5.Make Time

You can't be all that creative if you're in a rush. Instead slow down and make the time you need to focus. Don't try to jam it into a busy day, or right before you go to bed. give yourself the time needed by scheduling it into your day with a leeway of a half hour on either side.

6.Take Risks

Taking risks is how anyone in any field becomes successful. In order to become creative you have to take the risk with your creative skills and not be afraid to push your abilities. Pushing yourself stretches your mind and builds more skills to help you accomplish your goal.

7.Become An Expert

Learn everything you can about what you are planning to accomplish. Become an expert in that field by researching anything and everything. The richer your understanding about the topic the more creative you can be, allowing you to come up with innovative solutions. Creativity comes from knowledge and know how.


8.Embrace The Six Hats Technique

The six hat technique has you wearing different hats and looking at the problem from a variety of different ways. When wearing the blue hat, you are in control of all the other hats, while the red hat looks at the issue emotionally, the white had objectively, the yellow hat with a positive perspective, the black hat negatively and the green hat creatively.

9.Create A Flow Chart

A flow chart is a great way to keep your ideas organized and to drive a project forward. Create paths from one task to another, visualize the outcome of each task and how it relates to the next and eliminate problems before they arise. Unique solutions can bring more creativity to a project.


10.Look For Inspiration

Try to find sources of inspiration that can spark fresh thoughts and motivate you to find answers to problems. Museums, music, books, debates and social gatherings can all turn on the lightbulb in your brain. It only takes one little thing to create a flood of ideas and set your creativity in motion.

11.Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself. Don't just take the easy way with a great idea. Develop it further, push yourself and find more difficult approaches. It is during these times that the most brilliant solutions present themselves. Without the challenge your mind goes to the most common, which is not always the most creative.



Brainstorm with other people and it can boost your own creativity. Put aside your ego and be open to new ideas that might spark your own imagination. As you bounce ideas off each other new ideas are born, and they are usually the best idea. Everyone has something to offer.


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