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Best Meanwhile In America Memes

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 7:14 pm

1.Do you have enough?

The big question here is if this guy has enough guns and ammunition? Where does he live? Iraq? Talk about going over the top.

2.She looks happy

The thing that leaps out at you from here is that the mother looks quite happy at his sign, but that in itself is scary. You also wonder as to how much the boy understands because surely at that age the word slut is a bit above him?

3.They probably don't have a phone

The reason as to why they don't call 911 is probably because trying to use a phone is going to be too complicated for them. The chances are that they look at this funny invention and talk into the wrong end.

4.A redneck hairdryer

Well this is how they dry your hair down south because a normal hairdryer is just not good enough. Instead, you need to use a machine where it almost blows your entire face off, but at least your hair will be nice and dry.

5.Talk about being harsh

You see this is a bit of a problem. Here is a kid trying to show some manners, but then they are suspended for having manners. No wonder some kids grow up with a complete lack of respect for others.

6.It's the thought that counts

What is clear here is that it is the thought that counts when it comes to exercise. She can now say she has been on a treadmill for 30 minutes, but she has moved a grand total of nothing in the process.

7.Well that's a pain

You have to admit that this is an absolute pain because that 4XL size is just a bit on the tight side. Instead, you just need that bit of extra room, but sadly a lot of people think along the same lines.


8.You deserve it

Well this makes sense. You have spent a lot of money and really dedicated yourself to your quest of getting up to that size, so it is nice to see that there is somebody out there that is willing to reward you for all of that work. 349 pounds, forget it you need to work harder.

9.A different stretch limo

We all know that in America they love a stretch limo, but they are generally a bit better looking than this model. They seem to have just picked up random doors and glued them on and you would half expect this vehicle to split into at least four parts when it goes around a corner.


10.He's ready

The scary part is not so much the guns that he has, but the fact that he looks as if you would not want to trust him with a water pistol never mind these weapons. Lets be honest you would not want to be living beside him.

11.Well they said drive-thru

When you have a drive-thru it clearly does not describe what kind of vehicle you need to be driving in order to use it. This shows you that it is entirely possible for you to use anything you like as long as it has wheels and it moves.


12.A built in tray

You see at first this looks as if your size is going to work against you, but in actual fact you now have a built in cup holder as you can see here. This is going to save you losing it or even spilling it and look how content she is with it all.


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