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Best Moments From The Big Bang Theory-The Space Probe Disintegration

Sunday, May 24, 2020, 5:30 am

Episode 12(The Space Probe Disintegration) from season 8 was aired on 8 January 2015 had some very funny and special moments. My personal favorite was when Leonard and Sheldon started crying all of a sudden. Here are 12 Best moments from The Big Bang Theory-The Space Probe Disintegration episode..
1.You want to be green?

So the Episode starts with Penny and Amy both unhappy over how they have to watch all the stupid shows guys like, play geeky games with them and requests Sheldon and Leonard to do something Penny and Amy want at least once. On response to which Sheldon says You want to be green? Hilarious moment :D

2.Horse riding

Penny suggests Amy for Horseback riding and feels the guys would hate doing it as well but it turns out Amy's hips don't open wider than 22 degree and can't go to horseback riding and if you ask me Amy's hips don't lie :D

3.Amy's naughty reaction

Amy has been a very quirky and funny character of the big bang theory and always amuses everyone with her weird sense of humor. In this incident, Penny gets fed up with Amy's excuses for different parts of her body and asks Amy if any part of her body is actually normal, to which Amy smiles with a naughty gesture.

4.Don't wax down there

Raj is worried about the space probe and is feeling like jumping out of his skin which Bernadette takes literally and suggests Raj not to wax his private parts because it becomes itchy when the hairs grow back. :D

5.Sheldon's perfect solution

So Sheldon suggests girls that they should go shopping so that he and Leonard are both unhappy. Amy kind of likes the idea but Penny feels Sheldon just took the fun out of it. Well Penny, it's Sheldon's job, it's what he does all the time :D


6.Lots of panties

Sheldon and Leonard are doing what girls want to do which is of course shopping. Leonard is happy that it isn't that bad he thought but Sheldon on the other hand is getting really uncomfortable sitting in front of Lingerie section with all the Panties staring at him :D 

7.Son of a biscuit

Leonard finds out that his phone doesn't have a signal so they can't connect to internet to pass their time while the girls are shopping. Sheldon suggests that there was a time when smartphones were not invented and people still used to pass their time and takes out his phone to look up for a solution to pass their time but realizes there's no signal. 


8.Son of a biscuit again

This one is epic. So Sheldon is annoyed over the store who doesn't have a free wifi in 21st century and wants to call the their corporate office but during this conversation he again forgets that the phone doesn't have a signal and can't make a call.

9.I compromise

Sheldon makes Leonard realize how on numerous occasions he compromises for Leonard. He does that by explaining a recent incident where he kept quiet and let others make fun of Leonard. What a great sense of humor :D


10.You are a Physicist

Leonard hates it that He is not allowed to wear his shoes that squeak and he can't even whistle. Sheldon finds it a completely unnatural behavior for a physicist and suggests him to behave like one.

11.Sheldon thanks Leonard

Sheldon finally says sorry to Leonard and accepts he can be difficult sometimes. He also thanks Leonard for putting up with him which makes Leonard emotional and both start crying. Really a tear drop moment for me :)


12.compromising again

Sheldon finally comes with a plan to somehow make himself comfortable with Penny and Leonard living together which Leonard agrees as well but for Sheldon it's a big compromise but he agrees to it just so his best buddy can be happy. :)


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