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Best Places To Visit In New York

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:35 pm

1.Times Square

If you want to see bright lights and New York at night surely you have to head to Times Square? This is where neon lights go mad, but at the same time you cannot help but enjoy the fact that you are in one of the most iconic areas of any city anywhere on the planet and you will be amazed at actually standing there for the first time.

2.Botanical Gardens

If you love your garden and looking at flowers, then a trip to the botanical gardens in New York will be an absolute treat for you. The gardens are so well laid out, there are plants and flowers there that you will love, and ultimately you will get so many ideas for your own garden that you will be desperate to get home and get started.

3.Bronx Zoo

If you love animals, then a trip to Bronx Zoo needs to be on your list when you are in New York. They say that there are almost 5000 animals in there, so you can imagine the sheer size of the zoo and how long it will take you to look around, so set aside a day and take your time and enjoy seeing animals from all over the world.

4.Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum houses objects from all over the world and it is another great way to spend the day when the weather could be better. This building is huge and it will take you several hours to work your way around it and see everything that it has to offer, but you will undoubtedly come away from there feeling as if you are more educated than before.

5.Yankee Stadium

People in New York love their sport especially baseball, so why not go for a tour around Yankee Stadium? This is the home to the most popular team in the whole of baseball and also one of the most successful, and if you time it right maybe you would like to go to a game?

6.Staten Island Ferry

Unless you hate being on water, then a trip on the Staten Island Ferry is also something you need to experience when you are in New York. Yes the ferry does not look like much, but how often have you seen it shuttling back and forth on the television? Surely you need to take the opportunity to say that you have been on it?

7.American Museum of Natural History

If you have children with you, or if the weather is bad, then a trip to the natural history museum is really something you should consider doing. This has dinosaurs and examples of animals from all over the world and the place is massive, so it is an ideal way to waste an afternoon when you are in New York.


8.Grand Central

It is not as crazy as you think to go and visit a train station when in New York as this is one of the best train stations, and the biggest in the world, that you can ever visit and it is an experience all on its own. This station deals with millions of people every single year and the building itself is pretty spectacular, so do not ignore it and go check it out.

9.Central Park

The idea of having a park this size in the middle of such a busy city is something that confuses and amazes people in equal measure. Central Park has to be the most famous park in the entire world, so a trip to New York has to include you checking it out during the day, but give yourself a few hours in order to explore it thoroughly.


10.Brooklyn Bridge

As you move around the city you need to encounter the Brooklyn Bridge because how many movies and TV shows has this appeared in over the decades? Yes it is just a bridge, but it is an iconic part of the entire city, so do go and check it out and get some photographs taken as well.

11.Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is in the same category as the Empire State Building in that you cannot go to New York and not stop off to check her out. This is something you need to visit and get up close to in order to really appreciate the magnitude and magnificence of the statue itself.


12.Empire State Building

Could any trip to New York be complete without a trip to the Empire State Building? Surely this has to be one of the most famous buildings in the entire world and you need to check it out or people will think you are crazy. Do yourself a favor and go to the observation decks in order to get a view of New York you will never forget.


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