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Christian Priests Convicted For Sexual Abuse To Children

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:25 pm

1.Earl Bierman

It is suspected that this priest may have abused more than 100 different children starting in the early 60s. He was only brought to justice in 1993 when he was sentenced to 20 years in jail for abusing 6 different boys. He died in prison.

2.Donald Patrick Roemer

After having admitted to abusing over 30 different children it is fair to say that this priest is one of the worst offenders out there. He was actually sent to a mental hospital in 1981 for 2 years as a result of his sexual preferences, but continued to offend after it.

3.Donald J. Buzanowski

This priest really was a major sexual predator as he has admitted to molesting 14 boys over a 20 year period and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. He has also been found guilty of being in the possession of child porn prior to his abuse convictions leading to him having also had a 21 month jail sentence.

4.Dennis A. Pecore

Dennis was convicted of abusing a child back in 1987, but at the time he was only put on probation. In 1994 he was once again convicted of abusing a child, who was his nephew, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He is suspected of having a number of other victims over the last 30 years.

5.David J Malsch

This priest was first suspected of abusing children in the 1980s. However, in 1991 he was accused of molesting a 15 year old boy who had learning difficulties and sent to jail. He has since been found guilty of also having child porn in his possession.

6.David A. Holley

This priest was convicted in 1993 of having abused eight different children in the 1970s. In all honesty there are probably a lot more victims and he was eventually sentenced to a total of 275 years in jail for his crimes.

7.Carmelo Melchior Baltazar

This priest is originally from the Philippines and he has been abusing children for more than 20 years in total and in different locations around the country. However, he was only ever sentenced to seven years in jail for his crimes.


8.Carlos Lozano

Carlos basically thought he had got away with molesting four boys. He had been sentenced to 30 days in jail and 10 years on probation. Just prior to his probation period ending he was caught with pornography and was then sentenced to 20 years for each of his four earlier convictions.

9.Brendan Smyth

Originally from Ireland, this priest is suspected of having abused over 50 boys and girls both in Ireland and the US. In 1995 he was sentenced to 4 years in jail in Ireland for 17 charges and he was then jailed for another 12 years for another 20 charges.


10.Angel Crisostomo Mariano

This is just an unbelievable case as this priest from San Jose, CA was convicted of dressing as a woman, pretending they were 25, and performing oral sex on a teenage boy. Apparently priests knew about his sexual tendencies and had been moving him from area to area for 10 years before he was eventually caught and sent to jail for five months.

11.Andrew Christian Andersen

This priest was from the Orange, CA diocese and he was convicted of 26 different counts of molesting four different boys. He was sent for treatment, but continued to abuse boys even there and was eventually sent to jail for six years.


12.Alvin L Campbell

This priest was in Springfield, IL and he was linked to abuse back in 1985 when he was arrested on a sexual assault charge. He was also caught with child porn and sent to jail for 14 years. It is unknown how many children he may have abused over a period of 20 years.


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