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Cool Facts About New Zealand

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 9:00 am

1.No Snakes

One of the greatest things about New Zealand, for anyone who is afraid of snakes, is that the country has absolutely no snakes. It is even against the law for anyone to bring a snake into the country. Sea snakes can be found in the waters, but they are adamant about keeping snakes off the land.

2.Home of First Commercial Bungee Jump

New Zealand is home to the very first commercial bungee jump. The infamous jump occurred off the Kawarau Bridge located in Queenstown. The 1988 43 meter leap was the first in history to be commercialized, putting New Zealand on the map for this feat, that took the public's breath away.

3.Was Part of Australia

New Zealand was once part of Australie and governed as part of New South Wales. New Zealand was offered to be one of Australia's states when it was federated in 1901, but refused. It has remained it's own country, with no ties to Australia, to this day, even though in close proximity.

4.Universal Suffrage

New Zealand is the very first nation to recognize universal suffrage, in both men and women. While other countries, such as France, recognized universal suffrage for men in 1792, New Zealand was the first to recognize it for both sexes in 1893. This gave all adults the right to vote.

5.Two National Anthems

New Zealand is one of the only countries that has two official national anthems. Two other countries can say the same; Denmark and Canada. The first national anthem is called, God Save The Queen," and the other is called, God defend New Zealand. This is their royal anthem and state anthem, respectively.

6.Kiwi Bird

The kiwi bird is New Zealand's bird. The flightless bird's name has become a slang term to refer to New Zealanders, who call the fruit a kiwi fruit, rather than just a kiwi. The fruit is also known to them as Chinese Gooseberries. The bird represents New Zealand and all its splendor.

7.Discovered in 1642

Discovered in 1641, New Zealand was found by Dutch sailor Abel Tasman. The natives, called the Maoris, did not like his arrival, killing off his crew and causing him to leave the land. It took over one hundred years for settlers to return in the form of Captain James Cook who arrived in 1769.


8.New Zealander Edmund Hillary - First Man To Reach Peak of Mt. Everest

Every country likes it when one of their own sets a record, or wins at something. Well, New Zealand gets to boast about Edmund Hillary. He was the first person to climb Mount Everest. In 1953, he made history making it to the peak, and he made New Zealand very proud.

9.First To See Sun Rise

Due to its location on the globe and on the equator, New Zealand is the first to see the sun each morning. They are first to greet each day, and first to say good evening. Leading the world with the day dawning on them makes them first to spread the wave of energy throughout the planet.


10.The Maoris

The Maoris were natives of the land of New Zealand, before European settlers arrived. The Eastern Polynesians had been living on the land since between 800 and 1300, coming from a place named Hawaiki, which is believed to be somewhere in the pacific based on the language used by these natives.

11.Queen Elizabeth II Queen Of New Zealand

The Queen of England does double duty. Queen Elizabeth II is the official Queen of New Zealand, represented by a Governor General. The elected parliament of New Zealand puts all laws before the Queen or the Governor General for consideration. Does this make New Zealand under England's rule? It appears so.


12.Least Populated Country

This large country, that is about the size of Japan, is the least populated country in the world. With a little over four million people, the country is very spacious with lots of uninhabited land. The reason is unknown as to why people do not gravitate and migrate to this beautiful country, but the natives are happy.


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