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15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:55 am

All crimes need not be evil or violent. Crimes can be weird, funny, silly and stupid too! Many times in the past, police has arrested people for doing dumb crimes. Such offenses are so silly that they make us laugh. Nonetheless, crime is a crime; even if it is beating your partner with a banana! Here are fifteen craziest crimes people have committed.
7.Golf clubs

In England, a German tourist claimed he was there to play golf and spent some time in customs making small talk about the game. However, it soon became apparent that he had no idea about "handicap" and when they asked him about his swing he did everything backwards. It turned out that his golf bag was full of drugs leading to him retiring to his cell and not the 19th hole.

Golf clubs-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

8.Cocaine judge

Christopher Johns found himself in court charged with possession of drugs, but he claimed that he was searched without a warrant and, therefore, the charges should be dropped. He was told that it did not matter as the bulge could have been a gun, but to prove his point it could not have been a gun he handed the judge his jacket. A bag of cocaine then fell out. He lost his case.

Cocaine judge-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

9.Drunk robber

In the US, A guy who was drunk attempted to rob a service station. The two attendants saw he was drunk and refused to hand over the money, which only led to him getting mad. They informed him that they would call the police if he continues to give threats so he called the police to complain that they would not hand him the money leading to him managing to get himself arrested for attempted robbery.

Drunk robber-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

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