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15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:55 am

All crimes need not be evil or violent. Crimes can be weird, funny, silly and stupid too! Many times in the past, police has arrested people for doing dumb crimes. Such offenses are so silly that they make us laugh. Nonetheless, crime is a crime; even if it is beating your partner with a banana! Here are fifteen craziest crimes people have committed.
10.Bad drugs

Drug smugglers will try to use anything they can in order to get their product to market, but a drugs gang in Mexico decided to hide their drugs in a propane tanker to get them to El Paso. They took out the propane, filled it with marijuana and started driving. The problem? They misspelled the company name arousing suspicion and leading to them getting arrested.

Bad drugs-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

11.Jewelry store

To show how crazy some criminals are you only have to hear about the guy that decided he wanted to break into a jewelry shop to get a ring for his girlfriend. He selected a brick as his tool of choice, threw it with all of his power, the brick hit the Plexiglas that made up the window, it bounced back, smacked him on the head and knocked him out. He woke up in time to see the police standing over him.

Jewelry store-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

12.Home improvement store

A guy in Tennessee called Wayne Kirkhuff once broke into a home improvement store when drunk. The problem here was that he thought it was his home, but before that he had tried to break into a shed to start a fire, soiled himself, needed clothes, thought he was going into his home, then work up realizing he was in a business. What was his home like that it resembled a store?

Home improvement store-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

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