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Craziest IPhone Apps

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 7:53 pm


Your iPhone is not cheap to buy, so what is better than an app that allows you to throw it up in the air and see how long it can hang there before falling to the ground. Yes, the ground. That thing that will smash your iPhone if you do not catch it. Why would you want to take the chance of this happening? There are so many other apps out there that it is pointless having this one on your phone.

2.Fat Burner

This is the ultimate lazy app as the idea of the fat burner is that it will help you to burn off a few pounds from your belly by simply placing it on there. The entire idea is that the vibration of the phone will shake those fat molecules and get rid of them, but how well it works is up for debate and anyway if you do this to lost weight you are not that serious about doing so.


This app replicates a shaver. It does nothing else apart from look like one and make sounds like one, but of course you cannot shave with it as it sits in your phone and your phone is not a razor. This has to be one of the most pointless apps ever to have existed as there is just no reason whatsoever for you to download it.

4.Drunk Sniper

Yes this is an app where you have to try to pee in a toilet when apparently drunk and guys around the world know how this can be one of the hardest tasks that we ever need to do. It is quite cool that you get to set a score with it and you wonder if it will be capable of improving your real life aim as well, but to check you would need to get drunk several times first.

5.Cow Toss

Yes there is an app out there where you learn how to toss a cow and it is often seen as being one of the silliest apps to have ever been created. The idea is simple, the controls are not difficult at all, but it does provide you with minutes of entertainment and will always raise a bit of a laugh for at least an hour. No cows were harmed in the making of the app either.

6.Yo Mama

Yes this app is all about Yo Mama jokes and it is no real surprise that this kind of app has actually been made. The app does contain all of the classic jokes and it does actually work quite well, but surely you would get bored with them after some time even though it is relatively inexpensive to purchase? Anyway there are several different apps doing this same thing, so it must be popular.


The entire thing about this app is that it appears to turn your screen into steam for you to then draw on it or do whatever you want. In a strange way this app could become slightly addictive as at least it will get your creative juices flowing, but at what point did somebody think about doing this for an app and do people get fed up early on with it?


8.Poo Log

You guessed it, and it may not be a surprise, but there is an app out there to help you check and chart your poo. There are actual health benefits here, but you do wonder about the digital timer and do you really want to look at charts about your poo? Are you that interested in it to go ahead and do this? Well I guess some people are since they have already bought it.


In a strange way this app does actually make some sense as it is designed to tell you more about your date before you get too far with them. However, it contains things such as a sleaze detector and tells you if they stay at home or what he earns, so in a way it is ideal for a stalker rather than somebody that just wants to go on a date.


10.Sim Stapler

Yes you heard it right. This is an app that simulates you pressing a stapler and there really is nothing else to it. This has to be one of the most basic apps you can ever come across, but what is it actually for? Is there a hidden network of people that just love to press a stapler that we do not know about?

11.Pimple Popper

As the name suggests, the entire idea of this app is to have a shot at squeezing pimples. How bored would you need to be in order to use this app? Maybe you have a fascination of squeezing your own ones and become depressed when there are none left so turn to this virtual version? It really is difficult to say what could drive somebody to trying this app.


12.My Vibe

This app is clearly just for adult females as it turns your iPhone into a vibrator, but with obvious limitations. In a strange way you can see the logic behind it, but there are a number of areas where it will let you down although considering it is not that expensive to buy you can see why some women are tempted into giving it a go.

13.Fake smoke

Believe it or not, but this is an app where it is all about digital smoke and you do wonder what the point of this actually is. Do people download it to satisfy the curious smoker inside them? Are smokers using it in some strange attempt to quit smoking? Why would you even make this to start with? It really is a confusing app to own.


Have you ever wondered if you are a passionate type of person? Well if you have, then this app is going to help you out as it encourages you to use the microphone part of your phone and it will judge how hot and sexy you are. Clearly this is something to be done alone or you could get strange looks in the coffee shop.


Yes this is actually an app that is dedicated to the fart and it is the absolute daddy of all fart machines. As you can see from this image it contains different types as well as a security fart and sneak attack. So much effort has been put into developing this fart utopia that you cannot fail to find it funny.


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