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Creative Oversized Object Ads

Thursday, Sep 10, 2020, 8:43 am

1.Clever hairdresser

This is certainly a different way to advertise a hairdresser and it is certainly going to grab your attention. The way in which it makes sure that the bush is manicured will make you think about checking out how good they are at cutting hair.

2.Good serving

Well if you have a server, then does it not make some sense to go and use some sports equipment to put across your point? The fact that it is also a mini trampoline and you have somebody dressed up like a ball is just an added bonus.

3.Big bread

This is a great example of how you can take a current object and turn it into something that is just perfect advertising for your company. Now whenever you look at this athletics event you will just think of bread.

4.Fresh breath

The entire idea of this one is to promote the fresh breath that you get from this gum and you have to admit it is one pretty cool advert. This could actually work anywhere, so if you think that you need the snow, then think again.

5.Does it Come With Smell Too?

With that massive take-out from McDonald's everyone's tummy should be grumbling. How tempting would it be to look inside?


When trees have forks for trunks then you know you are hungry. This is a great way to advertise food nearby.


Eye catching composition, great color to make you turn around and wow is this huge. The way in which they have also added in vehicles and other objects just takes this advert to another level.


8.Adding Value

Making advertising fit into the background is long gone, but it can still be made pretty and pleasant to the viewer. This shoe is being made to incorporate flower power.

9.Out-sized Cigarettes

Apparently there are more deaths from smoking than from car accidents. This is enough to terrify any cigarette smoker.



This advertising campaign must have brought in a small fortune. Not only is the coffee free but you might fall over it.

11.What a Lot of Thought

You would look once then twice? Maybe even a third time. Clever advertising might cost an arm and a leg, but does pay off. Imagine the thought, time and energy in planning this lot.


12.Get Noticed

An advertisers dream is to get your attention. Imagine getting that and then some with this huge cup being a tourist destination!


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