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Cutest Puppies

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:40 pm


Yes! We are identical in every way! Perfect twins. You can tell us apart by his tongue hanging out. It always hangs out. But both of us are equally as cute as the other one, so that is fine.

2.Puppy Thoughts

I feel as if there is a thin puppy inside of me dying to get out! Is doing this cruel to the dog? Is it funny? Do they suit it? There are so many questions that need to be answered here, but it is difficult when you just sit and think about how cute they are.

3.Cuddle Up

You know you are cute when your favorite soft toy is bigger than you. It is the way in which they have wrapped their legs around the leg of the teddy and they just look so comfortable that you cannot resist them.

4.'I love my Mom, but....'

I love my Mom but she keeps on making me sit in water? Then she rubs me with a cold wet sponge. Humans are strange. Oh and how sad are those eyes? How could you resist them looking back at you?

5.Nap Time.

Puppies don't have sleep-overs they have sleep circles. One wonders how they all line up so well do they mark the spaces between each cute nose? Surely something was in the middle to make them do this and then that thing was taken away?

6.Don't Be Fooled

Puppies are adorable no doubt, but some puppies will let you know who's boss. Mostly by sitting on your head. Not your head as such but another puppies head. Good job he isn't a lot heavier or there could be all sorts of problems.

7.Naughty Line Up

One way to keep those mischievous puppies out of trouble is to hang them on the washing line, of course! OK this is probably quite a strange thing to do, but just ignore that part and focus on how cute they all look when they are lined up like that.


8.Puppies are Cute

Puppies are cute, sleeping puppies, running puppies and of course levitating puppies. Do you not just feel like picking both of them up and giving them a big cuddle? You just know as well that they are going to be real characters and make you laugh and smile so much.

9.Totally relaxed

Pure heaven! A hearty meal and a nice lap to sleep on. Plus, arms to hold your head. It's a dogs life especially when you look all cute and cuddly as well just like this puppy.


10.Bath Time Blitz

The good thing about having a lot of small puppies is you can bath them all at once! The only problem is trying to work out which one out of this lot is the cutest because they all have so many things going for them.

11.'I'm Hungry!'

Some cute puppies are quite demanding in a cute way of course! Imagine walking in on this little guy looking like this? How could you actually resist not giving him food when he has been pleading with you in such a cute way?


12.Love In A Tea-Cup!

Yes! This is a real puppy in a real cup. Ah! look at those cute little yes and that sweet little nose, isn't he just cute enough to eat, er! drink? How could you do anything else apart from just love this little guy to bits?


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