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Double Standards

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 12:31 pm

1.Touching Up

This is such a good example of double standards because it would be the case that the guy would virtually see his career vanish before his eyes. However, this is seen as more of a joke and it raises a few laughs, but is there a difference?


Mom's or older women getting crushes on teenage male stars is seen as quaint or cute. Reverse roles and get some dads cheering on 17 year old singers people would get worried especially if they had made up a sign like this and were bursting into tears.


So what would happen if it was a young girl with an older guy? Can you imagine the uproar and the way that he would be treated? There would be a hit squad out there trying to track him down, but in this situation it is looked upon as being nice, but is it not the same?

4.Racism as a Double Standard

Racism is alive and well it would appear and never underestimate reverse racism. It is racist to think that racism is always against black people and this is indeed a good example of how two similar things can be portrayed completely differently.


Men always say that women look better without make-up. Do they really know the difference though? Some women just wear make-up so cleverly you cannot see it and instead look healthy and bright. Then often get flack when they are not looking glamorous enough.

6.Home-owner Vs Housewife

A man and a woman can own a straw shack and as so eloquently put here both can be seen in very different lights. Many home-owners contribute to the home in different ways including financially but are seen in a similar light.


Two groups of women swathed similarly in black clothes, both committed to God. One group seen as being devoted and are admired for that. The other are seen as oppressed and ridiculed for that, but when you look at the two side by side is there much of a difference?


8.sexual Double Standards

Early love can be a confusing thing. Guys are told they are great after a night with that sexy someone, girls are told they are tarts after a night with that special someone. You have to wonder as to why this happens when it should be the same for both?

9.Running after

Men in group chasing after a woman would be a definite case for the police. Would we call the cops if a group of women were chasing after a guy? Probably not and indeed other guys would probably look at him and be jealous.


10.Beach Double Standards

Going to the beach has always been a double standard. Less than perfect women are told to cover up and less than perfect men are 'just a bit out of shape'. Why can't we all just enjoy the beach and good weather without pressure?


This guy is obviously very confused as to what homosexuality actually is because he is sending out two completely different signals on his profile and in the reply he put on the other page. Can he not make up his mind as to what is bad and what is not?


12.No Shirt Equals To Nothing

Some double standards never change and often are in favour of men. Or are they? Perhaps men would enjoy drinking with no shirt too? Ok so this is more tongue in cheek, but it is still a good example of one rule for one and another rule for the other.


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