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Dumbest Laws In Ohio

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020, 9:41 am

1.No Cross Dressing

There is no cross dressing allowed in Ohio. If you are caught you could be arrested. So if you are a cross dresser, you better able to really pull it off without any doubt, or you're going to jail. Men, that means shaving your adams apple, women, well, there's those breasts and all.

2.No Throwing Snakes At People

If you have a snake, please don't throw it at people if you're in Ohio. It's agains the the law to throw snakes at anyone, so keep the snake around your neck or anywhere else you keep it, but no fling it. Those of you who have pet snakes must realize that the snake would be very upset at you too.

3.No Catching Mice Without A Mouse Hunting License

If you somehow end up with a mouse in your house, do not try to kill it with a mouse trap or mouse poison, unless you have a mouse hunting license. Yep, you must be licensed to hunt mice in Ohio in order to legally kill them. So either get your license, or welcome your new little boarder.

4.Females Cannot Wear Patent Leather Shoes In Public

If you buy a pair of patent leather shoes, do not wear them in public if you live in Ohio, or are visiting Ohio. So that means you can buy these sexy shoes, but you can only wear them around the house where no one can see them. What a waste of money, and amazing shoes.

5.No Skateboarding After Dark

If you want to skate board in Ohio, you must do it before dark. That gets pretty tricky in the fall and winter, when the days are shorter. It must really cut into their resident's skateboarding time in a big way. If you're going to do it after dark, make sure there are no cops around.

6.No Female May strip In Front Of A Man's Picture

If you want to strip, you can strip in front of a mirror, your girlfriends and even your man, but just do not, and we repeat, do not strip in front of your man's picture. This law actually exists on the Ohio law books, but how would anyone ever know that you secretly like to arouse your man's picture.

7.No Fishing For Whales On Sunday

If you want to spend your Sundays fishing for whales you might want to rethink your plans and have a picnic instead. It's the law in Ohio, even though there is no ocean surround the state, just Lake Erie on one side, and it's doubtful that there are any whales there.


8.No One Can Be Arrested On Sunday or The 4th Of July

This law sounds a lot like the blockbuster film, "The Purge," where one day a year people could commit a crime with no consequences. This law in Ohio states that you can't get arrested on Sundays or the Fourth of July. So that must mean it's a free for all on those days.

9.Cannot Take Your Duck to Ohio Avenue

If you have a duck, please do not take it to Ohio Avenue. You can take it anywhere else in the state, but Ohio Avenue. So all you people who own your own ducks, take notice of this law. You don't want to be handcuffed in front of your duck just for taking Mr. Quack out for a walk.


10.No More Than 5 Women Can Live In A House

To some men this may sound like a pretty sane rule, after all, no man wants to really live in a house with five women, if they can help it. However, Ohio actually made it a law, that five women can't live in a house at the same time. So what happens if there's a mother with four daughter, or a mother, three daughters and grandma needs a place to live?

11.Notify Police In One Hour If You Lose Your Pet Tiger

There must be a lot of people in Ohio with pet tigers if there has to be a law that asks them to notify the police within an hour of losing their giant feline. Why not notify them right away? Isn't there a chance that the tiger could maul someone with that hour?


12.Selling Colored Chickens

If you want to sell your chicks, don't dye them a color. In Ohio, it's against the law to sell colored chicks. If someone really wants a red chick, you can sell them your au naturel chick and sell them a packet of red dye so they can dye the chick themselves.


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