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Emergency Life Saving Tips You Should Know

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:19 pm

1.Person in shock

If somebody is in shock you need to get them to lie down and elevate their legs just slightly. This makes blood move to their brain as it is caused by the blood circulation being affected and you need to make sure that it gets to the vital organs more than their legs. Keep them calm, undo any tight clothing, and wait for help to arrive.


If somebody has been in the water and are drowning, then you need to try to get that water out of their body as quickly as possible. If they are not breathing you will need to do CPR on them, so make sure they are on their back and be ready to react fast if they start to breathe and they choke on the water in their lungs. Get professional medical help immediately.


If somebody has been bitten by a snake, then the first thing you need to do is to call for help. Next, immobilize the limb as this can stop, or at least slow down, the spread of the poison in the body. Try to remember the type of snake that it was and take off any jewelry they have in case swelling occurs. Keep them calm and wait for help to arrive.

4.Allergic reactions

If somebody has a severe allergic reaction you need to get them some medical help immediately. Find out if they have a shot of epinephrine on them and give them a shot as this will stop them from going into shock and potentially dying.

5.Stopping hypothermia

If somebody is starting to suffer from hypothermia you need to get them inside to where it is warm, but make sure that you warm them up gradually. Get wet clothing off, get warm towels around them, get a fire going, and a hot drink and work on slowly bringing their temperature up.

6.Severe bleeding

If a person is bleeding you need to try your best to stop the flow of blood. Put some pressure just above the area, think about using something to tie around it if it is a limb, and get some medical help as quickly as possible. If it is not on a limb you need to press down on the area as best you can in order to stop the bleeding.


If somebody is choking then you need to get them leaning slightly forward and give them some hard blows to the back. If it is a baby you can also press your fingers into their chest and press inwards and outwards to try to dislodge it.



The best tip to save people who are having a stroke is to know the signs in the first place. Do they have a headache? Are they unconscious? Is there a swallowing problem? Is their vision affected? Are they unable to move their limbs? Get them to lie down with their head and shoulders slightly up and call for help.


If somebody is having a heart attack, or you suspect that they are, then see if there is any aspirin in the vicinity. This helps the blood to flow more easily and it can actually make a difference as you are waiting on help to arrive.



If the person has stopped breathing, then you need to start CPR. This involves putting both hands on their chest and pushing down twice within a second. Tilt their head back, pinch their nose, and breathe into their mouth until you see their chest rise as this is inflating their lungs. Then check their pulse and repeat.

11.Helping a person having a fit

If somebody is having a fit always call for help immediately unless you have experience with this. The main thing is to move any objects that they could hurt themselves on and try to protect their head with a cushion to prevent them banging it on the floor and causing problems.


12.Never put a drunk person on their back

If you have been to a party and a friend is drunk make sure that they fall asleep on their side and never their back. The problem here is they could easily choke on their own vomit and die, so avoid it at all costs.


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