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Epic Self Shot Fails

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 7:45 pm

1.Attack of The Window Front

This cute couple seem to be unaware that the glass shop front is attacking this poor girls back and waist. When making your waist tinier than tiny it is probably a good idea to check which other parts of the photograph are suffering and distorting.

2.Selfie By Another Name

It would appear this animal is more into selfies than the person taking the selfie. One wonders then if it counts as a self-shot, but even if it doesn't then surely the fact that it is a polar bear in your shot makes it a fail?

3.bodies Are So Not Cool

A dead dude on the bed can really spoil a good self-shot, best advice is don't do it. Or ask the dude to move (yes even if he is dead). Surely she saw him in the background and realized that he would appear in her selfie?

4.Armless Does Not Work

This could really have been a super cute self-shot if her arm had not vanished. Is this so badly photo shopped that the arm fell off? Surely before uploading this anywhere you would check to see that all of your limbs did indeed exist?

5.Strange Rippling Doors

Some girls just love to add a bit of booty and this is fine, but the door kind of took a battering as it morphs the shape of the photo image distortion. If you are going to try to do this at least be good at Photoshop or you end up with this.

6.Orange Blitz

If you are looking to make a great self-shot orange fake tan and pale puckered lips is probably the best way to create the epic self-shot fail. You have to admit that she is pretty much glowing in this image, but not in the way she hoped.

7.Cut and Paste

Some guys figure if you don't have a 6 pack you can always cut and paste one on. This guy is determined to get the self-shot of his dreams, but if you are going to do this, then please be realistic as to how good you are at editing photos.


8.Click and Drag

The worst place to stand is in a doorway when you are removing huge parts of your body via photo-shop. This self-shot could get people worrying that your house is caving in around you? It also makes one worry as to how huge the body part was to cause such havoc?

9.No Kids Allowed

When posing for a sexy self-shot it might be a good idea to not take it in your kid brothers bedroom. Particularly if he is mimicking your pose because imagine the things he will be learning at this early age?


10.Check Your Background

When taking self-shots it is probably a good idea to remove the fly paper from the photo. Somehow this little accent has ruined this girls self-shot totally because apart from that it would have been quite a good one in all honesty.

11.Self Shot Shadows

This dude hates getting his photo taking so much he even has to run away, but maybe not if you see the shadow in the car window. The lesson here is to look at where you are taking the pic before trying to make up something that is not actually happening.


12.The Whole World Is Caving In!

When taking a selfie and making ones waist narrower it is probably better to check the striped wall paper on either side of your body before you drag it all in. This is an epic self-shot fail and of course now he will not feel as cocky as he did before.


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