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Famous People Who Were Fired For Saying Offensive Things

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:02 am

1.Big Brother 15

This time a whole house load was shown the door, so to speak. This lot were all ready to star in Big Brother 15, except they blew it. They were not only racist, homophobic but also prejudice and offensive in some of their conversations. The watching fans were so incensed that they requested the show be canned. It was!

2.Octavia Nasr

When will these television news reporters learn! No one really gives a damn about their opinions. Octavia Nasr was fired for Tweeting comments regards Mohammed Hussein Fdallah who had just passed away. He was by all means regarded a terrorist. CNN gave Octavia the boot as a result. Moral of the story is just don't start tweeting about things that are important to you when you are a reporter, your job is that of messenger, full stop. Duh!

3.Jimmy Snyder

Just when you thought working as a clerk in a regular company was tough, you realize that show biz is tougher. Jimmy Snyder had worked for NFL Today for over 12 years when he got his backside fired. His strange logic made him blurt out that, African Americans are more superior athletes because of their breeding during slavery. Gosh! Who knew?

4.Megan Fox

Who hasn't called their boss "Hitler" from time to time! Megan Fox certainly did while working on the movie the "Transformers". She called movie boss Michael Bay Hitler and was promptly fired. It appears that Michael Bay was less annoyed than Steven Spielberg. Yikes, who wants to get on the wrong side of Spielberg when launching a career?

5.Helen Thomas

Helen might be seen as a female pioneer in politics but she clearly lost the plot when in 2010 she commented that all the Jews should "Get the hell out of Palestine". This unfortunate comment resulted in her losing her job, for good. Silly woman!

6.Martin Bashir

It must be tough being a reporter listening to all that nonsense. So, when Martin Bashir called Sarah Palin a 'dunce' and a 'world-class idiot' he decided to resign from MSNBC. Maybe he resigned before being fired? One must say though that these comments were made in response to Palin's offensive remarks earlier.

7.Justine Sacco

When you work for a huge famous corporation like InterActiveCorp, which is a massive media management company, and you are sent to Africa to host public relations it is better not to post remarks like "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" Thankfully the cretin was fired as she landed in Africa. Technically she was probably fired while flying to Africa one hopes. Perhaps she should change her name to Justine Sucko?


8.John Galliano

The British designer who is famous world wide is close to the likes of Madonna to name one was fired from Dior in 2011. It is rather hard to believe that this successful designer not only went on a drunken rampage in Paris at his offices at Dior but was offensive to Christian Dior. Plus, he was the chief designer there at the time! Not only did Dior kick his naughty backside to the curb, but filed a charge, as in France shouting out anti-Semitic things to people is illegal.

9.Ann Coulter

Well known for her open and frank opinions on all things political, Ann Moulter has been fired or banned from various portals over and over. As a columnist and political commentator one would imagine the best strategy would be to remain neutral. After all who cares what you think Ann Coulter! She has even been openly racist.


10.Alec Baldwin

Alec is always in a tussle with someone. Here he is seeing wrestling with a photographer! The short-fused star was ranting and raving about gay people on 'Twitter'! Doesn't he know by now that this is so not right. His show 'Up Late With Alec Baldwin' was cancelled due to this. He later denied it, then decided to apologise. Maybe we need to be suspicious? After all it is those that have so much to say about certain people that are found out to be one of those people, right?

11.Charlie Sheen

When is Charlie never in trouble? Apparently he got even nuttier whilst starring in the sitcom, 'Two and a Half Men'. He made anti-Semitic remarks towards show creator Chuck Lorre. Not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you? As a result he was fired and banned from the set. Then he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Just goes to show, you cannot be too famous to be dumped!



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