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Halloween Cupcakes

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:28 pm

1.Surgery Cupcakes

These cupcakes aren't scary, but they are a tad bit creepy. These cupcakes are executed so well that it's hard to find anything wrong with them. Although, it's doubtful anyone wants to eat a cupcake with a nose on top of it. It's not every day that you see a cupcake with a scalpel and a syringe on top. The two cupcakes covered in pills could pass for something else.

2.Bat Cupcakes

This cupcake gives new meaning to the term 'sweet tooth.' These adorable bats are covered with colored sugar. As a matter of fact, their entire faces are made out of sugar. The wings, mouth and pupils are all chocolate. Even its fangs were made with icing sugar. If you serve these cupcakes at your child's party, you better have a dentist on-call.

3.Ghost Cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes are too cute to scare anyone. Since orange is staple color in celebrating Halloween; the baker's decision to use the color works well against the white ghosts. The ghosts were made out of white fondant and each has a different shape and expression. The kiddies won't have to worry about these ghosts creeping up on them at night, well as long as they don't make their stomachs hurt.

4.Dracula Cupcake

Better take a bite out of this cupcake before it takes one out of you. The best part about this cupcake is the plastic vampire mouth on top. The icing appears to be slathered on with a paint brush. The black crumbly substance on top was thrown on and isn't even recognizable. Some drops of blood or decapitated parts would have made this cupcake ghoulish.

5.Spider Cupcakes

The Itsy Bitsy Spider found its way on top of a cupcake. These cupcakes are a fun project to do with kids or when you're bored. The cupcake is topped with brown sprinkles instead of regular icing. Using licorice for the spiders' legs was a cute idea, but they look more like black octopus tentacles instead of legs. Additionally, it looks like the baker forgot to add a leg to the spider on the right.

6.Brain Cupcakes

This brain cupcake is beyond creative. The little brain on top appears so realistic that it's hard to identify what it's made of. It's so freakishly disgusting that you're almost afraid to eat it. The 'blood' on the cupcake is either a berry reduction or some type of jelly.This cupcake doesn't look very appetizing, but it's a fun treat for kids on Halloween.

7.Zombie Cupcake

Zombies are a signature entity used during Halloween. The zombie hand is surrounded by dirt made out of sandwich cookies and even though the blue icing is very bright, it does look like a cemetery ground. The pumpkin on top of the dirt is random, but it adds some fun color to the cupcake. Though the zombie hand is inedible, it helps in bringing the zombie theme to life.


8.Frankenstein Cupcakes

Frankenstein is supposed to be scary, but these cupcakes just look depressed. The cake is exposed due to the scarcity of the green icing that's supposed to be covering it. The marshmallow Frankenstein heads were topped with black sprinkles and splattered with green food dye in haste. The concept is cute, but the baker must have been running out of supplies since all of the cupcakes look like they're barely covered.

9.RIP Cupcake

This cupcake looks like someone defecated on top of it and then stuck a cookie on top of it. This is supposed to be a cemetery cupcake with a tombstone in it. But the baker didn't put much thought into it. Not only does the 'ground' look like a pile of dung, but the teddy bears are irrelevant because they blend into the 'ground' too much.


10.Jack Skeleton

It wouldn't be Halloween without Jack Skeleton. This cupcake design is so simple that even a newborn could do it. The eyes are made of black fondant and the stitched mouth was achieved with black icing. The blue icing underneath each of the Jack Skeleton faces makes him look like he's oozing blue blood.

11.Werewolf Cupcakes

You'll be howling at the moon after you eat one of these werewolf cupcakes. The chocolate piping was done in a way that makes it look exactly like werewolf fur. The mouth isn't created perfectly, but it's still recognizable. The baker gave the cupcakes a 3D feel by adding the M&M eyes and nose.


12.Witch Hats

These witch cupcakes are decorated to perfection. These chocolate cupcakes appear ordinary and dull until you see the decoration on top. The witch hats really bring these cupcakes to life and get you in the Halloween spirit. The hats were made with a black fondant and decorated with an orange band around each one.


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