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Hilarious License Plate Fails

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 9:44 am

1.What The Heck?

There is something definitely spooky about this driver and his evil laughing license plate? At what point do you think about getting this as your plate though?

2.We Hit Back

The roads have just become an even more dangerous place to be. All said and done though their argument seems fair, but just make sure you do not hit them.


Now this is another number plate that should be passed as law. Running into a driver that has PMS is not for the faint hearted, and could lead to advanced driver lessons.

4.Pass The Bong

One is not sure what Weed and Whales have in common. Perhaps it is that whole surfer dude save the whale and pass the bong vibe?


Imaging entering the state of California and seeing this number plate. Not exactly friendly is it? On the other hand at least you know where you stand, so perhaps that is not a bad thing after all.

6.Uh Oh!

Perhaps this driver had people up his backside over and over on the road. However, even his license plate did not seem to help.

7.Butt Love

At least in California they love their butts, this seems like a much more accepting and friendly state. Unless you hate butts at which point you are probably best to move.


8.Oh Dear, Too Late!

Someone needs to notify the cops, with all these crazy number plates out in Virginia people are getting worried about the kids. I wonder if they taste like chicken?

9.Good Grief!

If they are not slapping the kids in Virginia they appear to be beating them? The mind boggles plus, to make matters worse they seem proud of this?



Virginia seem to slap kids first. There are the little hand prints of the last poor mite who was no doubt slapped right out of the car.

11.A Mystery

Was this person always an ass-hole or did this only happen once his number plate was turned upside down? It is certainly ingenious no matter what the answer is.


12.Good One!

Now this is a license plate we can all relate to. These should be like standard warnings! There is nothing worse than getting into a newly farted car.


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