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How To Make Yourself More Appealing To Girls

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 8:56 am

1.Touch Her In A Non-Sleazy Baby

Touch her gently on the shoulder, upper arm, or lower thigh. This contact sends a message without her even knowing it. It brings you closer and allows body contact. Remember that it's all about chemistry, and by getting close to her you are allowing her to take in your pheromones.

2.Stick Up For Her

Stand up for her. If someone is arguing with her, or talking about her, stick up for her and make sure she knows it. Tell the other person to lay off, or help her explain her point of view. She will be forever grateful that you are in her corner.

3.Give Her A Little Insult

Sometimes a little insult goes a long way. She probably gets the impression you like her and she feels like she doesn't even have to try. Sometimes that's boring for a girl, or she must may not realize how much she likes you, until you come up with something you don't like about her.

4.Don't Rush It

Take your time. Don't rush things with her. Let her get to know you before asking her out for a date. Spend time together with no pressure and without her feeling like she has to reciprocate any feelings. Just be in her presence in the beginning and be interesting and fun.

5.Be Charming

Bring on the charm. Be gallant, smile, and look her in the eye. You want to make her melt with your warmth and ability to put her at ease. Open her door for her, pull out her chair, help her with her coat. A lot of these things have gotten lost over the decades, bring it back.

6.Make Her Feel Important

Girls like to feel important. They want to think that you care about what they think, what they do, and what matters to them. Take a real interest in them and really listen. You will go very far if you are genuine and make her feel heard, appreciated and special.

7.Be Funny

Practice being funny. Have some go to funny stories that you can use at moment's notice. Make a girl laugh and you may win her heart. Funny guys always seem to get the girls, even more than the most handsome guy in the room. Make it funny though, not corny.


8.Improve Your Style

Take a second look at your style. Most guys hate to shop and have their go to outfits, but that's not always appealing. Look in some magazines, take a look at the guys she tends to talk to, look online. Between the three you can probably come up with some looks that are attractive to her.

9.Be Aware Of Your Personal Hygiene

Be clean. Take a shower, wash your hair, brush and floss your teeth, shave, apply deodorant and spritz with a nice cologne. Girls are attracted to scent. Have her remember your special aroma, not some stinky guy that smells like he just came from the gym or a video game marathon.


10.Remember Things About Her

If you've spoken to her before, remember things she likes and bring them up in conversation. If you've never spoken to her, try to find out more about her ahead of time so you can talk about things she likes. If you know she has a dog, ask about the dog. It opens up great conversation.

11.Be Confident

Girls love confidence. You are king of the jungle, let her hear you roar. Stand with your head held high and imagine you are the lion, strutting through the jungle, having your pick of any female in the pride. There is a look on his face, it's the look of confidence.



Relax, relax, relax. The more nervous you are, the more anxious you are, the more you appear up tight. Girls are attract to those who are relaxed and not tightly wound. It is definitely nerve wracking when you like a girl and want to make a good impression, but take a deep breath before you do anything.


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