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Jobs Which Are Hard To Explain To Your Family And Friends

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 1:26 pm

1.Biomedical Engineer

The problem here is that people think that an engineer is going to be a dirty job, so a biomedical engineer certainly intrigues them. However, in actual fact all that they are doing is working in a lab trying to come up with new cures for various illnesses, so they play a key role in our health even though we do not understand their job.


If you say you are a landman, then you are only going to confuse people. What this job involves is you working in the oil and gas industry, but your job is to deal with the paperwork side of things for drilling including talking to landowners and setting up contracts. It is, therefore, very important, but still requires some explaining on your part.

3.Journeyman Logistics Manager

This job is actually a skilled trades person such as an electrician, but the use of the word logistics is certainly misleading. This job is going to involve working for a company where there are a number of sites being worked on at the one time, so basically you are a trades person who is doing a bit of traveling.

4.Traffic administrator

If you think a traffic administrator is somebody that directs the traffic, then you are wrong because in actual fact it is an office job. What this job entails is paperwork, processing bills, clerical tasks, and basically nothing whatsoever to do with your idea of traffic.

5.Modeling Analysis Manager

People think that this job involves analysis of models, but the human kind rather than statistic kinds. However, it is the latter that is the real job, so there is a need to understand algorithms and logs in order to do it correctly. You have to admit that the first idea is the most attractive one.

6.User interface designer

This sounds impressive, but in actual fact all it involves is doing the bit of web design that means people can move between pages and do things on the website. Basically, this person is going to design buttons and make sure that they work, so it is not as cool as you think.


The chances are you have never even heard of this job, but if you are good at it you can be worth your weight in gold. This is all about using statistics to determine what it will cost to insure somebody due to previous behavior, and the best people are paid huge sums of money by insurance companies.


8.Data scientist

A data scientist either sounds intriguing or you are automatically bored by it. Basically, they look at data and information from various companies and industries around the world before working out what all of the information means and presenting it in a report form to business owners. Their role is extremely important as it can change the way a company proceeds.

9.Social media manager

With this job the person basically sits on social media websites all day and runs the profiles for different clients. They will then have to post things, answer queries, and just make sure that the public profile for the company is as good as it can get.



A sociologist helps to study society through interviews and surveys and then interprets the results to see what they tell us. A lot of people think that it is just some subject at university, but there are people that do this as a job and indeed the role they play is more important than you think.

11.Public relations

Just what exactly is meant by the term public relations manager? Basically this person is going to spend time making sure that their client looks good to the public and they do this by using various methods depending on the client in question. What they do is they deal with the press, arrange interviews, and do anything else that boosts the profile of their client.


12.Investment banker

An investment banker is something that a lot of us have heard about, but very few actually understand, so this does lead to a lot of confusion around the dinner table. Basically, they take people that have money to those that need it and there is really not much else involved.


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